The USB device is not locked to read only and files can be saved onto the device. Copy the .kwi update file onto a freshly FAT32 formatted 4gb+ USB stick. If you have a file that says "MY15_RA4_15_06_1_NAFTA.iso" after running the "MY15_RA4_15_06_1_NAFTA.exe" download file from Uconnect, you are almost there. I will tell you that the most recent update to my Uconnect fixed all of the software glitches my system had where it would randomly just reset all of my settings. Any ideas on that? The .zip file I'm getting extracts several files and subfolders of files. Carry your digital world with you at all times and in total safety, even while driving. Hopefully a firmware update will fix it. Reactions: dbtx. We offer free updates every three months, ready to be installed. The following picture shows where the software update stuck: And this is a picture of the final error after timeout: After the Failed Uconnect 8.4 Software Update, the update process would loop while the USB flash drive was inserted. Uconnect isn't providing us with the updated needed to get us to 18.+ I do not remember which update number changes to the new file system. Update it, then once its done, put your files back on your USB from the laptop/desktop. The .zip file I'm getting extracts several files and subfolders of files. I did some searches and found a forum posting that had a list of changes/fixes. I have not noticed anything different or broken, but I've only driven the car for about 3 miles since updating. All Bluetooth functions work correctly. Very frustrating. 3) Podcast can not be played if that the flash drive doesn't have at least 1 MP3 file on it. I'm trying to update my maps and UConnect software but need some help. Still no joy. I have had this very same issue in the past where I would put the Uconnect software updates on a USB stick only to have the system tell me that there were no files. Only the radio USB will. Add the UConnect 18.45.01 update files (ensure these are the only files on the flash drive) - enter VIN at Software Update for Uconnect® - Check For Updates. I note the nav update I downloaded only goes to 4.14 not 4.30 which is for the later model radios. UCONNECT update 8.4AN RA4 15.06.1 only Modelyear 2015/ Charger-300-Challenger changelog: ... • Notify user when messaging features are not supported on certain phones/devices. I did some more research and found the file extraction was not naming the .iso file correctly. MEDIA MODE 23 • The Uconnect 5.0/5.0 NAV system does not support Shuffle USB hubs connected to the USB port of the vehicle. Keep in mind, I have the uConnect 3.0 (the baby/base one). … Save Share. Here is some advice on getting the most out of the Uconnect™ system. I am running Android Auto Version 4.5.592854. But the update info sounds interesting about the calculation improvements and fix for lost gps signals which has happened to me a few times. Note: do not drag the top level file folder to the flash drive. I FINALLY figured it out today! 2015 4X4 Longhorn CC, 3.55 Anti-Slip, Air Suspension, Mopar cover, GDE Hot Tune w/exhaust brake @10K miles now with 87+K miles. Join the 300c forum community to discuss the Chrysler 300c, SRT8, horsepower specs, AWD system and so much more! With Uconnect™ LIVE, technology is at your service as you travel! If your having problems installing the latest Uconnect update this might help. EDIT: Or you could just make a bunch of folders and dump less than 1000 files in each. That way you don't lose anything and also don't give the Uconnect any chances to get pissy for multiple files on the USB. How to do a Uconnect 8.4 update yourself.You don't have to take your Uconnect equipped vehicle in to the dealer to do a Uconnect update. Extract the Uconnect Software update file – it will have a . 2) Pictures can only be uploaded by using the radio USB connector and not the Uconnect USB. But you don't want to confuse the system with multiple files. PS 1) Copy the latest 'uconnect.upn' file to a blank FAT32 formatted USB 2.0 thumb drive. However the Uconnect update worked just fine. Sierra Nevada Well-Known Member. Loading... Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Glad you could unzip the file and all the best with your update. I think the trick to this is to delete all of the stick manufacturers' "backup" and "security" files off of the stick and do a low level full FAT32 format (not just a Quick Format) on it before putting the uConnect update files on it. Find information about system updates, bluetooth, & more. Of course, there are other apps that you can use. Uconnect 5 takes it a step further by adding native Alexa support to the car itself (sort of like a built-in Echo Auto) for controlling music, sports or weather updates, and more.

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