And you'll have your choice of which berries to pick when you arrive (we opted for the cherries and raspberries.) The plants are placed in the ground in April, but are not allowed to bear fruit until June of the following year. State agriculture officials said Friday that a number of … SEE YOU IN 2021! Apple picking reservations are required. 18 January، 2021. Every December to January of the following year is the season for strawberry harvest in Taiwan. Location: 200 Center Street, Plympton, MA … As soon as June arrives you and your family can enjoy some of the tastiest strawberries around. April may be the cruelest month, but talk to local strawberry growers and they'll assure you that May runs a close second. Strawberries are in season and ripe for the picking.For a short time between June and early July, strawberries are the star of Meadowbrook Farm in East Longmeadow, MA is known for the most delicious strawberries in the area. We, like everyone else, have made changes in the way we are able to conduct business. Please be sure to call ahead to find out if strawberries are still available. They grow in the most varied locations, where the soil and climate conditions are very diverse, reflecting in their shape, color, size, and taste. Harvest frequently begins as early as the first week in June and extends for 4 to 5 weeks into early July, depending upon variety selected, your location, and the system selected for winter protection. Strawberry festivals are a New England tradition that date back to the 1800s. ketchup or Be sure to call ahead to the farms to make sure that they have u-pick strawberries available, as some are still working to get up and running and availability can change daily. Strawberry harvesting season in Homs countryside begins. Strawberries are not only delicious, but also good for you! White or gray = not usually available, Approximate Apple Availability in Massachusetts, Beginning of September  Although Massachusetts had a rainy start to spring, it didn't really cause too many issues with the strawberry crop. //-->. There's a general store on the farm property, as well as a picturesque pond surrounded by geese. For details on the Parlee Farms strawberry picking season, please check our website The Presto Pressure Below you’ll find a list of great farms in Massachusetts that offer strawberry picking. We offer some of the best hand grown strawberries in Massachusetts.