Sit at the barstool and talk to bartender. Be the first to rate this post. Search the crack in the wall in the small cave to find the final piece. Collect the note. Put the bread near the stone near the ravine. Sierra’s other popular point and click game back in the day. Cutscene.Chapter 5: Save the QueenNew Lost Wages Underground. The phone outside is ringing. Go back to the LARPers. Read the pink, red and blue cards in your room, then use the telephone and ring the Turn Down Service, followed by Room Service. LEISURE SUIT LARRY: WET DREAMS DON’T DRY. Offer to help bloom the Vagina Dentada and Dora wants you to prove it by collecting the only non lethal orchid on the island.Use the information brochure to figure out what flower is non poisonous. Go back to the waterfall and repeat… Note: You’re gonna have to do this a total of three times. Open Elevator by pressing button. Larry will chase after it and come to a rooftop garden. Village EntranceYou’ll notice Otis gone. Click the door to talk to the guard. Give Nora her climbing equipment back. They won’t tell you where it is unless you’re part of the group. Knock on the door with the heart to enter and talk to Fawn. You’ll need to talk to Rosalie first.Collect the energy drink at the bar.Talk to Shaudi. Drop down the left to the garbage bin below. After the short scene take off condom and then climb out the window. Agitate her to follow you to the cave. Put each toy according to color starting with pink butt plug. This for the space janitor guy. Use the withered hand on the water cooler. CrazyBunch . Walkthrough. Go to the far right of the doors and you will see a man in a green mohawk. Head right up the stairs and unlock and enter your room. [ACHIEVEMENT] You can also use the telephone to call all the available numbers to gain the Call Me achievement. Pick up the Magazine from the front rack and read the Magazine. (Blue flower with pointed leaves). Once successfully obtaining Swingle, build the out of body device with the Freezer, the mushrooms, the sling, and Swingle. Walk to the left to drop down into the garbage bin. Putting the engine in the helicopter will state it’s not working. When she does, clutter her desk with papers, then hide next to the cutout Larry. Go to the backyard. thanks. Unfortunately there are no openings. Put seaweed on dolled up volley ball to make “Wilma” Gain ACHIEVEMENT.Take a photo of the wooden board.Break off the narwal’s horn.Open narwals mouth to gain access to more plastic bottles.Open Building App. She will give you clues to return to the place you last met (Faith’s room) and the place where John sits (toilets) They will be location coordinates. Set Sail.Chapter 2: Finding Faith….Ocean:Collect Faith’s Phone.Cutscene.After getting shipwrecked, proceed left to collect Faith? Go to the Jungle. Remember she’s tall and slender and her eyes are blue. Roll Forward.4. Return to the Jungle to find a drunk pig. Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded walkthroughs. Larry says that it looks exactly the same as the alley from the first Leisure Suit Larry game. Leisure Suit Larry 6 Walkthrough Talk to everyone until they repeat themselves. And insult his daughter. Attach them to the arial bomb, net first. Turn on the radio and listen to the commercial. The two of you will get down on the dance floor. Leave the scene and you get a quick cutscene.Go to Faith’s Room. Collect wires, and battery on the way. Ask Kip about the emergency box for the bathroom key. Take off clothes and jump into hot tub. Match the pattern. Take the Rose from the table and give the Whiskey to the drunk. (Glass, copper wire, cables, battery, glue, radioactive liquid). //--> Get Champagne bottle. They’ll want to do this in the dark so you need to remember what they are. You won’t even be able to begin playing the game unless you can answer some questions proving your age. go to the graveyard. Posted . Pi will mention she doesn’t know how to navigate. He will fix it for you by putting it in the elevator. Remember the pattern. She’ll tell you her missing boat is blue. Talk with her and she’ll reveal she wants to no longer be a virgin. If there’s a man in a barrel selling apples buy an Apple. Go ahead and bring William to the area. Get his diary and the blow up doll. You’ll die a couple of times getting the exact point. Enter the cabaret to the right. Return to Labyrinth. Read the plaque over it.Read the tombstone closest to the shack next to the spears. While you’re hear use the phone and call Sierra: 209 683-6858 for some extra points. When the drunk comes up to you this time give him the Wine. Scan the helicopter engine to get engine blueprint. Combine Test Tube with metal rod. Please remember to bookmark this page and come back for Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded guides and walkthroughs which will be located here as soon as we get any Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded walkthroughs. The women will see you and throw you in jail again despite it being unlocked. After the survey enter the store. Use shovel on grave. Go into basement. You can move Larry down the rows to catch items being throw back and to pick up tips. Take the Card (Disco Pass Card). Either way save your game and restore every time you lose. Take photo of large underwear.Grab the tube of lubricant on the chair.Press the Big Red Button (Self Destruct Button) on the left to unveil a large wire. Return down stairs. Put metal rod against lava to make glass sphere. When prompted, ask about the bot’s Fellatio routines. Head up the stairs to the right and use the Key to enter your room. Use zipper on toilet. Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded Game Guide & Walkthrough is also available in our Mobile App. Enter and look to notice a blow up doll. Say by to Faith. He’ll give you a blueprint for a device. (EWW)Put the strange contraption on the gutter. She’ll quit and leave the cave. Grab the ♥♥♥♥.Go back to the Buffet. Only thing missing is something from Otis.Using an empty cup, collect the poison water.Return to the village entrance. [<] [<]Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards was first released by Sierra On-Line in 1987 and be-came an [<]international phenomenon. Leisure Suit Larry 2: Goes Looking for Love (in Several Wrong Places) MS-DOS game released by Sierra On Line in 1988. In return he’ll give you his Knife. Read the entire diary. Climb out of the bin and walk to the left. Hail a cab and take it back to the casino. Note the foot prints going into the jungle. Combine all equipment to make nuclear reactor. Note: When you use the Save/Load tactic, know when you are saving and loading otherwise you could ruin your progress with a mistake. Leave the telescope.Deduce that Faith was here because she had a hotel room, Bobbie saw her, Faith might have spent time at the Galaxy festival because she had a pamphlet. Watch her drain the life force out of his body. Convince him he’s a man. Click wallet to cryptocurrancy machine. She’ll also give you coordinates. Look at the girl and then pick up the Candy from the table on the right. Use screwdriver and hatch on metal ball. Larry tends to have incredibly bad luck with women and it’s your job to help him out. Take note of the order of the traps. Walk closer to the receptionist at the desk and look at her. If your only exposure to the Leisure Suit Larry series was the horrid Box Office Bust, I urge you to give this one a try. Collect a brochure in the green box.Go back to Bobbi’s office. After process is over exit program and get the radiated urine sample. Observation deckLook through the telescope. In case you forgot, Larry was all set for what he thought was to be a night of passion with Shamara Payne in La Costa lotta. Return to the tunnel. Give Becky the Tiki Twister. Go through the conversation with Bobbie until you have sex. by. Talk to Sadie. Click on the wedding jacket. Speedrunning leaderboards, resources, forums, and more! MAIN MENU: . Dig up the grave with the shovel.Look into grave.Look in top right pocket for a ring. Piper will catch you with the marker and reset the day again. Go back and grab Finley and Kyle bring them to the area. Talk to El Rey until his guitar breaks. Talk to Emma about Crescent Cove and ask about Faith. Get pills and then use Hammer on window to break it. var today = new Date(); Now that Faith is gone look at the desk. Reaccess Med-O-Tron. Piper will find out and reset the day. It’s on the island hidden behind a triangle shape rock straight ahead. Larry 7 takes up where Larry 6 left off. Use the hand to enter medical room. New Day 2Grab the piggy bank.Go downstairs.Go outside. Open her lower jaw and look at her throat. Collect magic marker, lighter and scissors.Throw marker at basement window. Award. Grab the bone and stick. Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don't Dry FULL GAME WALKTHROUGH GAMEPLAY .. Favorited. Tips, hints, and all the help you need to solve all Larry's problems! Return to the volcano base on Kalua’a island. Grab wire.Go up the ladder to the Villa ruins. Unfortunately Fawn leaves Larry a little tied up. Game Guide. Dial 555-6969. Open door to the cab to get in and then talk to cabbie. Ask about the glow sticks at the at the festival.Go back to the observation deck. Walk to the north and look in the ashtray. Access Computer: Weapons: Radioactive Emitters. Hooker 2. Larry’s RoomUse the key for the lock on the cage.Click on the wedding jacket. At night when Faith’s voice calls you, she will mention a magic marker. Ask about Faith. Then the marker on the pig. Exit computer and collect bucket. Nothing will happen because it’s missing something.Collect the candles near Kyle and Finely, the cereal near the camp fire and the marker on the sleeping bag at the bottom.Leave the Cave.Go grab the joke book in the bush to the left.Go Right and Pi will direct you to the Vagina flower and Dora.Talk to Dora. Inform Emma of the animal in spilled oil at the hotel. Open the window and climb out. Open the door on the right and enter the bathroom. He will eventually be sent to jail and meet Swingle . After falling in love with her, they ended up leaving each other near the end of the game. Fake that you are his assistant and need help with your engine. Go through door on right. Talk to her about your raft. Leisure Suit Larry 7 Love For Sail. After the wedding leave the chapel and walk to the right back to the casino. Leisure Suit Larry 1 VGA Walkthrough. Release the brake and push the table off the cliff.Proceed past the wall to go to the beach. CUTSCENE. Wait. Try to have sex with doll twice for some extra points. Find the magic marker in the lower left hand cabinet. Talk to Swingle about having an out of body experience. Go back to Larry’s Room. Collect the boombox when done. Climb back and then take rope. Patti 2.5. Collect the drunk pig. Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Dry Twice. Hint: It’s all the final options. Just stay there for like 15 minutes.Grab an empty cup and put it on the juice spout.Juice the berries. Observation deck.Look for a blue boat. Convince BJ to come with you by building his confidence. Access computer. Look in the sink and take Ring. (-11, -13). In his room, you can collect, the massage wand under the bed, the green tentacle under his pillow, the ball gag and the black fetish outfit in the closet ( you have to move it), the anal plug on the boxes of tissues and the strap on from the dead gimp after you pull the lever.Close the closet door to show a grid. Here is my Walkthrough of The Leisure Suit Larry In The Land Of The Lounge Lizards! Leave the area. Use the empty cup.Go to the Ocean. (10, 10). Use the card on the safe. New Day 3Dialog with Faith with reveal more things.Go downstairs.Grab the ad off the wall. You can find the add-ons for the suit outfit in the Greek Quad. Larry will grab her card, when she is reorganizing. Head back to headquarters. Go to your map and go to the coordinates to find her submarine. Open the electrical box.Put the meat fork as a lever on the third outlet.Put the tinfoil for the missing yellow wire.Direct the current to each device with appropriate polarities.Replace the fan with the spinning spit. Take bucket and place under orange cyclinder with drain. Copyright 2015 Walkthrough and Guides for Videogames Inc. - All Rights Reserved. Go to the area where Shaundi use to be. Introduction 2. Talk with Swingle .Open Hand Luggage Department to get stethoscope.Pull hanging seatbelt to reveal skeleton.Take a key. Proceed to the elevator. Collect the shopping bag with the skull on it. After a cutscene, you’ll find yourself in Swingle room at the hotel. Give him the energy drink in your inventory. Talk to Dox and tell him you’re the new intern. I'm requesting a walkthrough because some sections are a tad bit difficult. Back at Kalua’a Island. Once again give the password, ken sent me. Select Emergency ceasarean section. For Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude on the PlayStation 2, Guide and Walkthrough by sarahlsy. Go to the observation deck. Install the block chain into the cryptocurrency machine. The lovable loser Larry Laffer -- a 40-year-old virgin in pursuit of losing his vir….um, finding [<]true love -- and risqué humor were unlike anything anyone had ever seen or played. Convince her to leave.