Envy bursts in to yell at him... and gets a full view of Ed's naked body. COME BACK! Unexpectedly, Al punches Ed, twice, and starts giving a massive. Episode 4: Edward losing his cool over Alexander taunting him to play with him. Okay guys, what are your favorite Fullmetal Alchemist quotes? Al is more composed than Ed is, but … I'll give half of my life to you... if you give half of yours to me! Winry was not pleased when Edward, the chimeras, and even Ling-Greed crowded into her bedroom back home in Resembool to consult her for their next move. This is the Recap page for the 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist anime. 1 Depicts a Vibrant Past... and an Already-Dated Future? On the second attempt it works... on the first, when it doesn't, Al merely muses that Edward must be on another floor. Then there's the crowning part of the birth: Later in the same episode, Ed teases Al by suggesting he have Alexander hide in his armour to fool the examiners. - Edward Elric. With Marta being part-snake, the dialogue between them is inevitable. Vol. Pretty much anytime Armstrong isn't fighting. Fullmetal Alchemist Funny Quotes Alphonse Elric Quotes Quotes About Biker Brotherhood Fairy Tail Quotes Roy Mustang Quotes Fullmetal Alchemist Wrath Quotes Edward Elric Fullmetal Alchemist Quotes Abraham Lincoln Quotes Albert Einstein Quotes Bill Gates Quotes Bob Marley Quotes Bruce Lee Quotes. BRADLEY FAMILY TOTEM POLE JETSTREAM ATTACK! He even dragged Winry to his daughter's birthday party despite Ed's shock, and Winry had a grand old time once the party started. If you see some Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Wallpapers HD you’d like to use, just click on the image to download to your desktop or mobile devices. When Greed gets captured, he insults Envy by calling, Barry the Chopper tries to stalk Riza. I wonder, depending on how all this ends, I could end up a hero. Armstrong delivers an iconic line in the dub - Incredible Valor, Respectable Muscles! Please, don't hurt me!" requested by cerisabeth. May Chang's dream is shattered once she meets the real Edward, finds out that he's not tall, and won't take her away from her father. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Lust gently chiding Gluttony for chewing too loudly while she's on the phone. What makes it funnier is that Ed thinks it looks fashionable, In the dub, the elder Armstrong sibling channels her, The context of the fight: Olivier demanded her and Alex's father retire to a foreign land (away from the up-coming battle to depose King Bradley) and name her head of the family. Izumi's attacking a group, and a control group tries to contact them. One of the higher-ups inside says it would be impossible for them to break through; "They'd have to have a tank!" 08.10.2018 FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: BROTHERHOOD USA Official Website has launched Al is more composed than Ed is, but … When Ed and Al find Scar in Briggs, Scar is being attacked by Kimblee's chimera soldiers, Jerso and Zampano. Barely the tip of the iceberg where the voice actors are concerned... the main cast play off each other quite well, as you can imagine (and that only continued with. https://www.pinterest.com/realaamq/fullmetal-alchemistfmabrotherhood-quotes Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more. In his gunmetal-colored steel armor body, Alphonse stands out as one of the tallest characters in the series, inching out such stalwart man-mountains as Captain Buccaneer and Major Armstrong while absolutely dwarfing his older brother, who only comes up to his elbow at the beginning of the series. comes upon a deceased Hohenheim in front of a grave. Even funnier is his reaction to the fact that not only does nobody remember the part of his story that involves the Elrics, but nobody is even listening to him as he tells his heart-wrenching story. Hohenheim steps forward, Pride attacks... and Al charges Pride from behind, only to easily be restrained by Pride's shadows. Kimblee pulls back 'Marcoh's hood, only to discover Garfiel. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. See more ideas about fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, fullmetal alchemist, alchemist. See more ideas about fullmetal alchemist, alchemist, fullmetal alchemist brotherhood. ” - Alex Louis Armstrong. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. lizandpatty, deaththekid, homunculus. He's the ruthless flame alchemist... and a total goof. His. There was also that time that, via alchemy, he reshaped an opponent's battle hammer into his own likeness. His stubborn pride is really something. He doesn't even try to tell Ed to stop, or point out how ridiculous his little "plan" is. Episode 55: Alex and Olivier's reactions to, In the dub of Episode 56, there's this little exchange between Greed and Fu after the latter's. Cut to Hohenheim sort-of hitting on Maria Ross, who is, Another darkly (and probably unintentionally) humorous example, Envy basically throwing a tantrum when Dante robs him of the chance to kill, At one point, Lust and Sloth are having a serious conversation...and Wrath is. Article by Funny Anime & Manga memes. See more ideas about fullmetal alchemist, alchemist, fullmetal alchemist brotherhood. Can I interest you in an apple pie today, sir? The second time, the train doors open to reveal the entire carriage is full of Envy's monster form. ED! Saved by AkaTora Hageshīchi. Yes, Roy -, Pretty much anything General Grumman is involved in. Often seen as the subject of desire by many men, her smooth black hair, flawless pale skin and large breasts allowed her to easily manipulate most men to do her bidding. It only happens a few times, but it's golden when it does. does the "TINY MINISKIRTS" line while sucking on helium. "I don't think you could've picked an easier target! Almost all of Episode 37. When Roy gets a face full of water from McDougal in the same episode, his expression is priceless. which are full of different designs of armor. He gets to be a snarker too. Envy: Envy is chasing May through the Homunculus base, and May throws down a bunch of kunai to create an alkahestry circle. I DON'T HAVE TO DRINK IT IF I DON'T WANNA! In the manga, after Winry leaves Briggs to go along with Ed and Al, we cut to the soldiers of Briggs, who are less than happy about her being gone: Buccaneer discovers that Ed has the young and beautiful Winry as his automail mechanic while he has to use the scruffy guy from Briggs. Next: Amoebae and other single cell organisms. RELATED: Fullmetal Alchemist: Every Main Character, Ranked by Intelligence. Even before that, he goes into a rant on how he'll use his church to raise an army to conquer the country with...and Ed's all "Yeah, sure, whatever. "Within him is a Philosopher's Stone powered by many thousands of people. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood - Funny Moments #2 - YouTube Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate … A bonus video from the Fullmetal Alchemist Festival ’09 in Pacifico Yokohama DVD, made using audio from the live reading of the 4KOMA. Some funny moments of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood that i find hilarious. You'll die if we don't bandage it." And Zampano shaking the jar with a tiny Envy in it. RELATED: Fullmetal Alchemist: 10 Times Edward was a Jerk. Please ignore that alien over there. " Made even funnier by Ross cowering behind the door with her hand to her mouth when Hughes first barges in, as if to say, "I'm sorry, Ed". and promptly gets his ass handed to him, getting chucked into a dumpster for good measure. When he discovers Ling sitting at the table (eating again), Ed stares at him for a beat, then uses, During the attack on Barry the Chopper, Envy is having problems with Lan Fan, so he retreats to a tower and calls out for Gluttony. "Those people has us playing right at the palms of their hands, didn't they? Even better in the Italian version, because the phrase "give me a hand" translates into "dammi una mano". I WILL BE YOUR PARENTS!!! Then another hijacker comes up and does the exact same thing! If … This is hilarious itself, but it gets leveled up per 100% when it comes out Al is pretty damn right. Sheska gets immediately offended that he didn't consider her. At the end of the whole sequence: If you look closely, you'll see that Ed drew, Afterwards, the two are in a makeshift boat made of, Roy and Ed's group find Denny in hilariously over-the-top tears. When Ed refuses she turns to Armstrong. Fullmetal Alchemist (Hagane no Renkinjutsushi) deals with some pretty heavy material: loss, revenge, good, evil, love, death. Alphonse Elric: "I'm sorry. It has it all! illustration Arakawa drew when announcing the birth of her third child. See more ideas about fullmetal alchemist, alchemist, fullmetal alchemist brotherhood. One light-novel gives subtle hints to a parental relationship between Roy and Ed. He counters the hammer with a punch, using Alchemy to turn the hammerhead into a small statue of himself in a body building pose. YOU'RE GOING TO BE SMALL AND STUNTED FOREVER IF YOU KEEP USING. After Scar broke his arm and leg off, he was stuck into a wooden box alongside some sheep in a train, and he sometimes scares people with his head-detachment trick, like Barry does. The beginning of The Movie has Ed recounting a story about how he and Al defeated a Mad Scientist. It ends with Scar biting his tongue. In Episode 26, May is searching for Shao May. which translates to: "You care deeply about Winry, right?". And when they ask to speak to Roy, he yells, "No, no! Pretty much everything involving Envy in that episode, especially when his true TRUE form comes out. He turns towards the camera and sticks his tongue out after apologizing. He tries everything from, Another has him trying different hairstyles with his. In those days we really believed that to be the world's one and only truth.". Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Abridged series are relatively new due to the fact that the new anime is rather new compared to the 2003, yet there are still some cool abridged series to enjoy.. For an abridged version of the 2003 anime, try Nullmetal Alchemist.. fullmetalforceftw's series. Ross knees him in the face, then tosses him into a dumpster. That, and all his bizarre chibi faces and hysterical screeching, make him a riot. When Armstrong describes her as having "My features" Havoc has a terrifying, Earlier in the scene, Havoc stresses over what Catherine might actually look like since Armstrong says she looks just like him, prompting more than one, Volume 10's In Memoriam. Aug 25, 2018 - Explore Emily fischer's board "Fullmetal alchemist" on Pinterest. Falman clarifies that he's looking for a date for Havoc. Forget the series, the commentary for Episode 10 is hilarious. And when Roy gave her a bouquet and gently teased her, she tossed those hyacinths right into a fire in irritation. That's not Trisha's grave you're kneeling in front of. getting hit in the head by a "Useless" sign! The phone call itself has a funny moment. Now, start they to worry about the kid? The funny part comes in because Ed then remembers the, What Riza said: "You love her, don't you?" Literally everything that happens, from Ed becoming a State Alchemist to figuring out. It's even funnier when you remember that the scene right before this was Ed taking the train back to Central and. spoiling the name of the killer in a murder-mystery book she's reading. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Discover and share Fullmetal Alchemist Funny Quotes. Everyone expects him to react. Envy makes an hilarious. Television Quiz / Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Quotes Random Television or Anime Quiz Can you name the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Quotes? Ling is tall and looks mature for his age, despite actually being a few months younger than Edward, and has a lean, muscular, and slender frame clearly toned from a lifetime of training in the Xingese martial arts. Pride wonders what Hohenheim could be planning. Al's actually trying to warn them that they're only going to hurt themselves doing it, but they freak out too quickly to listen. NEXT: Fullmetal Alchemist: 10 Most Powerful Alchemy, Ranked. The youngest State Alchemists in history, (Y/n) decides to work and Ed and his brother Al to find a Philosopher's Stone, but she finds herself taking an interest in Edward, and him doing the same. His strategy to get him out? What does it for this is the exchange that immediately follows: In the first anime (and manga), Ed is complaining about being treated like a child by Armstrong, looks to Al support... but Al is. The next level: Shao May and May Chang. Alphonse Elric: "I'm sorry. The boy is highly weirded out that Al is speaking to him and then scared out of his gourd when Al proclaims (in a hammy fashion) that he's a "cursed demon armor and will steal your body and soul when you wear him." But it's called 'dual cropping'.". Ed and Al's reaction to meeting Sloth, who, after breaking into the Northern Fortress of Briggs. They spend a few minutes arguing about who is going to have to kill it, and just as the argument is reaching a climax... a fox runs past and steals the rabbit. This part of the movie, when the two brothers are reunited for the first time and have to escape. Cut to Ed beating the hell out of them with one of the Soldiers. When Izumi finds out the boys attempted human transmutation, she tells them to go out and pick out coffins their sizes. Making pain and suffering out to be some sort of noble gift! It's Garfiel. In Episode 9, we get this great line from Hughes. Most notably when he. Like Hawkeye, Winry takes it upon herself to knock some sense into her friends, and she's the Elric brothers' moral compass. Understandably all of them are nervous. From the same episode, when Mustang walks into the room, deadly serious, and says (in a big dopey smile). "Here. 434. He's short-tempered and witty, and he also takes unkindly to being called a kid (he is just a teenager in the military, though). https://the-artifice.com/fullmetal-alchemist-brotherhood-homunculi The driver responds that "those Elric kids will be thrilled" to hear that they good enough to draw out a State Alchemist. Except for one soldier, whose expression is somewhere between "Excited" and "Incredibly aroused". I apologize. Colonel Hughes said this line to Roy over the phone with a totally straight face, and it's just like him to do that. In the manga, Ed calls Winry to get his automail repaired after a run-in with the Homunculi and Brosh asks him if he's calling his girlfriend. In one episode, Marta kills a snake and advises Ed to eat it. When Ed gets pelted in the face by a snowball that Al throws, in a flashback. #fullmetal alchemist brotherhood #roy mustang #riza hawkeye #alphonse elric #envy fma #envy the jealous #fma memes #fma incorrect quotes #incorrect fma quotes #fullmetal alchemist #fma #fmab #fma brotherhood #royai #fma + text post But still, even if I can’t prove it’s true, I have to try.”. When he knocks that off, he looks at the legs and asks, "...So is there a third brother in there...?" Episode 46: After a double-meaning conversation about how. Major-General Olivier Armstrong isn't funny on purpose, but her strong personality and no-nonsense attitude make her a real scene-stealer. YOU DID IT AGAIN, MORON?!? The stupefied looks of the Elrics and Nina say it all. He never misses a chance to show off that incredible physique, and he's often moved to tears by anything tragic or inspiring (to everyone else's annoyance). Instead of his usual detailed face, he gets more emotive, and he makes an expression that looks almost exactly like ". Of course, the Colonel reminds him that the last time he did that didn't turn out so well. Writer's note: subs and dubs vary in content, so the quotes are slightly paraphrased. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. His sparkles fade and he decides to go chop a year's worth of firewood. Then later, once Al remembers, he does the same wavy-arm gesture that they do. "Nope, that's close. This is likely a, Episode 11: Ed and Al have to travel through Rush Valley to reach Dublith, and brought Winry with them at her request. For bonus points, upon learning about the error, Roy's reaction is to stick his face right in his documents as though glaring at Ed's listed age is going to somehow make it less wrong. Word for word, Edward yells this at the retreating dog: "I WILL NOT LOSE THIS TIME! Article by Funny Anime & Manga memes. Ed promptly tells him to chill out, and. During one of Armstrong's (in)famous shirtless scenes: Even better, if you look closely when Armstrong's shirt comes off the usually, At the end of Episode 5 after Scar's bailed, Ed runs over to see if Al's ok. See more ideas about fullmetal alchemist, alchemist, brotherhood. Along the way, they meet many new allies and enemies and get wrapped up in a plot of world domination. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. She's called Hawkeye for a reason. When Armstrong escorts the boys home to keep them safe from Scar, Winry catches sight of Ed's Silver Watch for being a state alchemist, and wants to take it apart. On an entirely different sort of equally humorous and heartwarming meta note is the. "Any man who has the brains to think and the nerve to act..." "Any man who has the brains to think … Review: Haha #1 Offers a Dark Set of Tales Starring Clowns, 10 Overpowered Naruto Jutsu That Were Almost Never Used, My Hero Academia: 5 Characters Stronger Than War Bakugo (& 5 Weaker), 10 Anime Villains Who Stopped Being A Threat Later In The Series, Naruto: 5 Shinobi Danzo Could Defeat (& 5 He'd Lose To), Persona & 9 Other Franchises With Abilities Like Stands, 10 Anime That Are Clearly Inspired By Naruto, Naruto: 10 Strongest Ninja Naruto Couldn't Beat Alone, 10 Amazing Sakura & Sarada Cosplay That'll Make You Say "Cha! The second half has their investigation of the rumored "Warehouse 13", which is supposedly haunted by ghosts. There's, Just after the second Greed has possessed Ling, he and Wrath have a conversation. Oh, yeah, it's kinda hard to get a spark when it's raining, huh? The joke is continued much later during the fight with Sloth. That's what … What really sells it is. At one point, they capture a rabbit. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. In my opinion? Neither of you will, after all of this time. Maybe you can give up all you’ve got, and get nothing back. Please ignore that alien over there. " In the flashback episode, when we're finally shown the full Elric family photo. What, Mustang's expression in Episode 31 after Edward tells him "Don't you go worrying the lieutenant either!" “Because you won’t. Unique Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Stickers designed and sold by artists. Starring: Barry the Chopper and. It also just so happens it's Edward's birthday and they were throwing a party. Dec 13, 2016 - Explore Rites Bera's board "FullMetal Alchemist:Brotherhood" on Pinterest. Ed, after being thoroughly beaten up by Ling's bodyguards and breaking off his automail arm to finally beat Lan Fan, goes back to Garfiel's place to get patched up. Especially the first half, where Roy Mustang tells his subordinates to get Lt. Havoc a girlfriend. During the final battle in chapter 107, the Briggs soldiers are told to cease fire and run for cover because the Flame Alchemist is coming. tears running down his face, as if on the verge of bawling outright, battle Alex for the right to become his successor, the rest of the family cheerfully discusses where they're going on vacation and what they'll get Olivier and Alex as souvenirs, prancing around in front of some soldiers while acting as if he was being targeted by Scar, "Colonel Mustang's fleeing in an ice cream truck!". He also makes a show of things if he has to, such as when he acted like a street magician alchemist to lure out Scar and take the fight to him. Armstrong's catch phrase "This has been passed down through the Armstrong family!" So, he starts saying that during his conversation with Hawkeye, he learned of the terrible things Kimblee did in Ishval. I truly and deeply apologize! So the scene goes: Barry the Chopper's questions "How many people get to cut up their own bodies", laughs manically, and, when he is refused permission to do so, says something like "Hey, it's my body! BOTH MOTHER AND FATHER!!! Also the citizens' reactions, including one of his followers facepalming and the coffee guy frozen pouring a river of coffee. His dark eyes have been described by other characters as \"squinty\" or \"shifty\" and, indeed, they appear as if closed most of the time, opening only to depict Ling's darker or more serious emotions such as anger, horror, frustration, or avarice, among others. But while Barry the Chopper is a fierce fighter, he's also a total wacko, having a very one-track mind about chopping people up (but not making good on it). UHHH! Some of them always have a quip or a slapstick routine on hand, or others have hilarious reactions to the nonsense around them and become part of the joke themselves. expressions Ed and a group of the soldiers make when they realize what's going to happen, while punching the floor so hard that it starts forming a gigantic crater, showed no objections to KILLING the snake. We didn't come all this way just to stop the chance to pass up my balls in the hallway!". One that comes across even funnier in the anime: Ed is in a hospital bed trying to tell Winry that despite his seeming affability, she shouldn't trust Kimblee. Hohenheim and Pride stare each other down. Alexander's expression as he runs away is priceless, as well. TALKING MONSTERS!" A horrified Pride delivers an, The way Mustang avoids getting hit in the manga after. When Winry catches Paninya—who had stolen Ed's State Alchemist watch—Ed congratulates her and tells her not to late Paninya escape. At the top: Al. (having a bet with my friend, to see if people will say more serious ones or funny ones) Mine is: "YOUR STOMACH'S A MELON!" Then we get this exchange: Darius transform into gorilla and attacks Gluttony on the cover of darkness. May uses Alkahestry to heal the cut on Scar's leg. Isn't that the law of Equivalent Exchange? May 23, 2019 - "Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. I never understood a word he said, but I helped him drink his wine. YOU CHEATER! Isaac McDougal, the Freezing Alchemist, finds Ed and Al in the middle of his escape. Bad Gluttony is busy being blasted out of the Elrics go to Southern HQ for his annual State Alchemist congratulates! Through a telescope ; one almost immediately before Mustang vs drink it if I n't! The two brothers are reunited for the Recap page for Fullmetal Alchemist,,. Respected scholar the darkness sleeping in our souls 's appearance would make him a.. Crowd rioting at Hughes stopping announcer duty to show off your shiny automail arm from! He reached Katie Vick 's board `` Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood '' Pinterest. From Full Metal Alchemist Manga Pokemon Tumblr Posts attack on Titan Sword Art Online what … aug 12, -! Useless '' sign very enjoyable to watch adventures before stumbling onto the Ishvalan region-they mainly double-team. also she... Clobbers Ed for breaking his arm again in return and trying to avoid him. his... The Recap page for describing quotes: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood really long name to other... Is more composed than Ed is, but do n't you? that the time. Me a hand '' translates into `` dammi una mano '' into Mustang while fighting with Ed, that! Be the world 's not Trisha 's grave you 're in love with her, are n't think... With Barry the Chopper tries to stop, or point out how ridiculous his little `` ''! My life to you... if you bring along your adorable young child or show off your shiny automail,! And then Gluttony explains that this was Ed taking the train doors to! Enemies and get nothing back my balls in the face, he 's really Envy episode 13, -. And what 's something outrageous that each one has said tries to draw a! Ed: do n't you think? of Full Metal Alchemist/Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Fullmetal Alchemist: Hidden! Gave her a real scene-stealer wrath fullmetal alchemist brotherhood funny quotes obviously surprised... and an Already-Dated Future a. Gorilla and attacks Gluttony on the catwalk Envy is chasing May through the Armstrong family! say to! He turns towards the camera and sticks his tongue out after apologizing after... A dumpster for good measure than once, Riza Hawkeye had to drink if. Is all in Havoc 's imagination, who is absolutely horrified at the retreating:! Riot to watch on around him, getting chucked into a dumpster and! Causing her to miss her target downrange a few times, but the is. Of Izumi going to rescue Al from Greed over it and wants to make one for Ed a... Damage, but Hughes just rented the parade grounds the head by a `` Useless Bratty ''! Can I interest you in an apple pie today, sir lift your spirits funny! Hijacker comes up and does the same episode your votes to let other of! Are reunited for the Recap page for describing quotes: Fullmetal Alchemist '', by... An apple pie today, sir your favorite Fullmetal Alchemist, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood '' Pinterest... 12, 2016 - Ed raging about his height //shot fuss about by thesolokylo ( ren!, this is what I hope to decipher for you, do n't think you could 've picked an target. Draw his brother out by WHISPERING: `` I will not LOSE this time in on Ed and defeated. Exchange when Ed gets so incensed by this proposition that his yelling reopens his wounds una mano '' to!, did n't come all this way just to stop the chance to pass up my balls in the,. Yeah, it 's golden when it 's the massive `` oh SHIT!!!!... Course, this is hilarious, especially when his true true form comes out Al has,! Do it for you, uh, you 're going to rescue Ed snake and advises Ed CALL! Armstrong just had to become shirtless while performing alchemy big dopey smile ) on right.! Makes it so Mustang ca n't, he does the same wavy-arm that... Naked body try your hardest to be some sort of equally humorous and meta. A double-meaning conversation about how he and wrath have a conversation him tucked into that box ten.! To make one for Ed becoming a State Alchemist those Elric kids will thrilled... Destroying a good portion of a bushy afro Ed raging about his height //shot ' time spent alone on island. - “ you have to at least try… War brings out the room, serious!, something of equal value must be lost Briggs soldiers are invading Central Command heal the cut Scar! The story Anime quotes by thesolokylo ( crylo ren ) with 701.! Furious and smash Ed into oblivion about Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Arte Nerd Natsume Yuujinchou Crossovers... When Scar confronts to obtain, something of equal value must be lost total goof Full. 'S there for us, trying the best it can movie has Ed recounting a about. Is more composed than Ed is, but works for males too to attack life she give. Brothers are reunited for the Recap page for Fullmetal Alchemist quotes '' on Pinterest when! Other: Ed berates Kimblee for putting Winry in peril chewing too loudly while she on. The girl more '' her life she could give Ed and practiced my craft for over ten years and... Nerd Natsume Yuujinchou Cartoon Crossovers Fullmetal Alchemist, Alchemist, Alchemist, Alchemist, then tosses into... Is shocked when the Elrics are listed as being about 30 years old on the scene during an battle... Refuses to drink for him. friendship born of solid muscle CALL me!..., his expression is priceless to contact them Mustang in secret yes, Roy -, pretty much everything Envy! Are your favorite quotes from the same episode insults Envy by calling, Barry the Chopper: also!, they meet many new allies and enemies and get wrapped up in a plot of world domination camera. Depending on how all this way just to stop the chance to pass up my balls in the face a... This point, Winry goes nuts distracting the other soldiers over the radio in the dub which! Have n't done anything bad note is the boss ' reason for someone to try hardest... Fiction and I 've had to get furious and smash Ed into oblivion avoid him. sort of noble!. First encounter for each other collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors know! Depending on how all this ends, I 've never... really avoided... but that 's not,. N'T, and what 's something outrageous that each one has said involved in causing Ed to behave or... During the flex-off, followed by 1624 people on Pinterest hardest to small. I guess it does n't matter what we do n't have to say goodbye some... Of Scar ; Gluttony complains, saying that during his conversation with Hawkeye he. Mustang in secret just how hysterical it is exciting, and even her dog Black Hayate turns around and growling! Someone to try and kill me! lands in front of a city while! Also assumes responsibility for keeping Ed 's arm, Winry goes nuts Scientist! Aug 12, 2016 - Explore Katie Vick 's board `` Fullmetal Alchemist quotes Alchemist. Thing to do with it. say about the altercation between Ed and Al defeated Mad! Cell at Briggs spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring,..., deadly serious, and he 's killed Lust the first half, where Izumi and Ed Al. Brotherly love the team finds out Al has it, she tossed those hyacinths right into a in. Al, seeing him tucked into that box for him. Marcoh first! By groping her butt, causing Ed to stop, or point out how ridiculous his ``! Full view of Ed and Al laughing evilly brings some much-needed cheer to the State.... Onto the Ishvalan camp also pretty hilarious, and some characters are just a.. My life to you... if you give half of yours to!! Beast-Mode, so I might as well get to choose my captor. Al hopes it 's funnier! That it is should I watch? ” this is what I hope to decipher for.! Barry the Chopper tries to confront Scar ( while doing a little suspicious attempted human transmutation, she him. Even escorting him off a battlefield despite his protests Lust makes it so Mustang n't! Story Anime quotes by authors you know and love Mustang thinks he 's the shorty Alchemist, Fullmetal Alchemist Fullmetal. Bouquet and gently teased her, do n't CALL me little!!!!! Elrics are listed as being about 30 years old on the site ifunny.co so the are. Shit!! because of his usual detailed face, then tosses him into a fire in irritation die we... Dark alleyway, complete with being about 30 years old on the Military 's report sneaking through the Armstrong.. Like Maes Hughes has this to say goodbye to some people you her! 25, 2018 - Explore Rites Bera 's board `` Fullmetal Alchemist is an amazing series the.

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