The mountain views were amazing almost all the way up. Turn left on the Timberline Trail for a few yards for the most sublime view of the mountain rising above acres of wildflowers. She travels the globe as brand ambassador for Elk Cove in markets new and old. In her free time, you’ll find her outdoors enjoying one of Oregon’s great hiking trails or rivers. Not a loop. Views open up west to Vista Ridge and both Owl Point and Katsuk Point become visible. Pretty at the base. Good water should be available and plenty of campsites. 2250 feet elevation gain. Where would you like to hike today? The basin was formed by the Coe Glacier that once pushed through the valley, but disappeared as the glacier retreated. This trial was also clear and well maintained. Elk Cove Trail is a 15.0 kilometer lightly trafficked loop trail located near Mount Hood Parkdale, Oregon that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. Starting at the Pinnacle Ridge TH it gets up at a fairly good pace through an old burn with a lot of snags. Elk Cove itself is quite picturesque with views of the north side of Mount Hood. It was a bit Windy and due to the burn there is not a lot of shade. All the flowers were poppin but they won’t be for much longer. Hood, with its first dusting of autumn snow, 2013 September 26. The beginning of the trail you walk across a log, not a bridge, but there were two options of logs and were sturdy. You are either bushwhacking (only for experienced hikers) or walking the road another 2miles. While there are many approaches to this area, we chose to hike up on the Elk Cove Trailhead near the Laurance Lake Campground. The trail isn't as popular as many other trails leading to the alpine regions of Mt. I opted not to use any but did have it with me just in case it got worse. I’ve done it from Mazama and Vista Ridge trailheads previously and this one is easily the best. Timberline National Historic Trail #600 (USFS), Elk Cove & Pinnacle Ridge (Oregon Adventures),, Backpackable: Yes—connects to the Timberline Trail. Hikers are rewarded with close, open views of the north side of Mt. There are more trailside camps near a sedge spring, which dries up in mid-summer. The road when you get to the valley is part paved and part unpaved and narrow. I missed it and kept going on the old logging trail, which eventually disappeared. Muddy, down trees in path, some snow/ice, used micro sprikes. I really would not recommend making it a loop by bushwhacking between those two trailheads, as it is steep, covered in bramble and large downed trees. The route leaves the road at some downed trees, and passes a trail sign. Lots of down tree scramble- but that’s part of the adventure right? Drive 2.8 miles, turning right (west) on Lawrence Lake Drive. Up to the right are the snag-populated slopes of the Dollar Lake Burn. Hood then you are familiar with the beautiful meadows of Elk Cove on the north side of the mountain. Meet at the MMC at 8:00 AM. This page was last modified on 5 January 2021, at 00:25. After the viewpoint, you’ll drop to another saddle and then wend your way upward again, swishing through patches of huckleberry and bear-grass. Keenan, John, Hunter and I left Timberline Lodge at about 5PM on Thursday evening. XF1: From Elk Cove Trail, No. We'll hike up the north flank of Mt. Now there are closer views of The Pinnacle to the west and the Hood River Valley to the east, while down to the left is the wide valley bottom of the Coe Branch. Elk Cove is a meadow in the Mount Hood Wilderness on the north side of Mount Hood in the U.S. state of Oregon. The trail is primarily used for hiking and snowshoeing and is best used from July until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. Whatever you do, DO NOT ATTEMPT SOMETHING BEYOND YOU ABILITY LEVEL. The meadows around Elk Cove are superb! Be careful here though. It takes a bit longer mile-wise to reach Timberline than Pinnacle Ridge/Vista Ridge, but the views down into the Coe Branch drainage, across to Cooper Spur, Cloud Cap, the Langhille Crags, and up into the supremely glaciated north face of the mountain are phenomenal. Nothing to hard to climb or step over. Whether you’re overnight camping, day hiking, walking or multi-day backpacking, we have hundreds of hikes waiting for you in the … We were lucky with an overcast sky in the morning, which is pretty rare for summer. Turn left on Clear Creek road (across from McIsaacs Market) and drive south for approximately five miles to Road 2840 (Laurence Lake Road). Open 10 am - 5 pm daily Closed: Thanksgiving Day, New Year's Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day . Glacial cracking and tumbling rocks are just a few of nature’s orchestral wonders at the top of this epic north face volcanic journey. Then follow the road bed, which is being crowded by slide alder on this lower section. A variety of sun-loving plants have colonized the burn here, including Scouler’s willow, bracken, western larch, lodgepole pine, chinquapin, and snow brush. Once you get to the meadow it’s great. We later discovered that it was literally a toilet, with tp bits scattered under the trees near our site. Was camping at Laurance Lake, left for a short hike with Brittney and the dogs. Elk Cove is such a special place, but don't underestimate this trail - especially if you're a backpacker or have an excited four-legged friend on a leash. I didn’t have time to finish this hike since I went off trail for a bit, but it was really beautiful to see the contrast of dead trees with new growth. Decent climb, gorgeous views, some backpackers had camped up at the cove, otherwise only saw a few people the whole time. (no bridge) I found this crossing to be easy and the logs were sturdy. Most all of these types of activities on this page are within 25-60 minutes drive north or south of the Elk Cove Inn. This hidden Eden became even quieter after a glacial flood closed … Hood via the Elk Cove Trail (#631). Definitely lots of logs fallen over the trail. Tomales Point (aka Pierce Point) is located at the northern end of Point Reyes National Seashore. While we make every effort to fact-check, information found here should be considered anecdotal. Hood. Open mid-July through October. We’ll spend the night at Elk Cove and explore the area. The unusual seedheads appear by late July, and persist until frost—the common name Old Man of the Mountain comes from the distinctive seedheads. Switchback up five times in a shady patch of Douglas-firs that experienced no crown fire, and then traverse up onto the crest of the ridge, which was thoroughly burned. but after that expect slower going. But, I've decided to present this hike as an alternative route to Barrett Spur, especially for those living on the eastern side of the Cascades. Short hike along Elk Cove Trail. on the north side of Mt. Loved this hike! Hood. Enjoy, be safe, and always leave no trace. Didn’t get up onto the top spur because it’s too sketch for canines. Elk Cove is tucked away in a remote area of Mt. One night backpack trip to Dollar Lake and Elk Cove with fall color, heavy rain and wind. I thought it was fun, but it does slow you down and some might not like it. Most of these will disappear when a dense canopy reestablishes itself in a few decades. A short 0.4-mile (0.6-km) trail leads down to the beautiful McClures Beach. Sufficiently enlarged, the lenticular (banner) cloud at the summit has a pinkish tail. Continue another mile further to a road junction and turn left onto Road 650 (a right turn heads to the Pinnacle Ridge trail). The well-graded, moderate climb to timberline is through forests scorched by the 2011 Dollar Lake Fire, and the stunning approach to Elk Cove from “99 Ridge” is one of the most spectacular mountain vistas anywhere. I’m going back soon and will update. I really kicked my self in the ass on the way down the Elk Cove trail as I was constantly looking over my shoulder at the awesome views. Finally, you’ll reach the junction with the Timberline Trail in the parkland of Elk Cove itself. The spectacular Coe Glacier dominates the north face of Mount Hood, and craggy Barrett Spur rises like a black wall above the meadows, framing the idyllic scene. Directions and Map found here ** Do not take Russell Creek Road, it does not go through to Elk Cove. The road to get to cataloochee valley is bad, cove creek road is paved except for about 3 miles that is narrow and unpaved full of large holes and very rough. Next time, I’ll go out and back on Elk Cove Tr. The upper 2 miles before the Timberline trail intersection had a lot of downfall to scamper over or around. I did have a 37lb pack on and was able to make it to the top. I did see a cairn from the parking lot in the direction of Elk Cove so possibly doing the route clockwise works. Was camping at Laurance Lake, left for a short hike with Brittney and the dogs. This is a scenic meadow located within a large alpine basin. Good water, great view of the mountain, and some great campsites just a hundred yards down the Elk Cove trail. I would not do the loop as the Pinnacle trail head is not in the same parking lot so you would have to walk down a gravel road for a few miles to get back to your car. The Elk Cove Trail starts there and climbs up the left side of your view from Owl Point — obviously to Elk Cove. Amazing views. The Coe Glacier could be clearly seen hanging from the top of Mount Hood, feeding the Coe River. Fri 09/11 (2.9 miles) Walk around Kincaid park Thu 09/10 (6.8 miles) Hike near Flat Top Huckleberry, fireweed, and bear-grass flourish among the lodgepole pines here. Road was definitely a bit bumpy to get there, but I just drove carefully in my Honda CRV and it was no problem. The first 1 ¼ miles of the Elk Cove Trail follows decommissioned Road 6840-650 to the former trailhead. Trail crews have brushed and logged out the first 3 miles (thanks!) Down in the valley below, the Coe Branch and Compass Creek come together, and you can see Canon Ball Falls, also known as Lower Compass Creek Falls. I counted 30+ downed trees (all long dead from the 2011 burn) requiring some level of scrambling or high stepping and a few areas where they're tangled together. Be aware there is no trail (that I could find) between Elk Cove and Pinnacle Ridge TH. Hike in and out of crown fire zones on the flank of the ridge, getting a clear view up to Mount Hood at times. 9.2 miles with 2,100 ft elevation gain. After bushwhacking for a bit I added another 2 miles to the hike on forest roads, uphill, to get back to my truck totaling 11.5 miles. *** FYI There is no official connection between the Elk Cove and Pinnacle Ridge trailheads. 2350 feet elevation gain. Plenty of mosquitoes and biting flies at the cove but not as bad as other areas at this time. This is a difficult one way trail to Elk Cove Camp in Mount Hood National Forest. Elk Cove Trail is a great way to get into that beautiful north side of Mt. Hood far from any roads, ski areas or cabins and it is this seclusion that gives it its charm. No snow. The route also crosses through several wildflower-filled meadows and avoids fords … Highly recommend!! We made time to do one more high altitude hike on Mount Hood before departing for a six week camping trip that will swing through Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah. This trail goes by Zigzag Canyon Rim, Paradise Branch Falls, Ramona Falls, and Wy'east Basin. After passing Kinnickinnick Campground at Laurence Lake, continue to the left on Road 2840. The hike itself begins with a steady incline up the mountain through a beautifully forested area. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. Around mile 15, you’ll see a cut-off trail, which cuts off some of the mileage as the actual trail loops and backtracks for a few miles. Elk Cove Trail is a 9.3 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Mount Hood Parkdale, Oregon that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. Travel Oregon, 670 Hawthorne St, Suite 240 , Salem, OR, 97301, Phone: 800-547-7842 | If you are looking to camp at the top there are a few just before you get to the Timberline trail or once the Elk cove trail meets the timberline trail you can go either direction Left towards the meadow or Right towards the creek and there are plenty of spots. True it is not a real loop but I think it’s just a short walk on the gravel road back to the trailhead if you come down the pinnacle ridge side, although I wasn’t totally sure so I bushwhacked back to my car. Backpackers should camp at one of numerous spots in the trees at the east or north ends of the cove, along the Timberline and Elk Cove trails, and not in the fragile meadows. Turn right at the general store onto Cooper Spur road and continue for another mile. However, this is a much quieter alternative route to Elk Cove that avoids the crowds and bumpy access roads of the Vista Ridge and Cloud Cap approaches. We took Elk Cove all the way up to Barrett Spur via Timberline and Dollar Lake. To start the trail you do cross over a creek via your choice of log. But found my way back quickly. The first section of our Timberline Trail trip took us from Timberline Lodge to Elk Cove. As previous reviewer stated, the path also becomes pretty overgrown at this point while still remaining navigable. I didn’t see anyone else the whole time. Barrett Spur via Vista Ridge and Wy'east Basin Trail, Tamanawas Falls via East Fork Trail #650 and Elk Meadows Trail #645 [CLOSED], Timberline, Cooper Spur and Tilly Jane Trail, Polallie Ridge Trail to Tilly Jane Ski Trail Loop [CLOSED], Elk Cove Hike. Elk Cove is tucked away in a remote area of Mt. We hiked just the Elk Cove trail from the TH as an out & back. You’ll need to get here early in the day to secure a camping spot, and remember you cannot camp in the fragile meadows. Mileage will be approximately 4 ½ each way with about 1700 feet of elevation gain going in and about a 400 foot loss into Elk Cove. The goal was really just to get a few miles under our belt and get as far as Meadows or Newton Creek, before heading on to Elk Cove the next day. I had quite a few scratches. I did this hike 7-11-20. Please. Hood are on its north flank—on the opposite side of the mountain from the tourist crowds at Timberline Lodge. Walking the road back might have been quicker! Bugs are definitely in force as you hit the cove, but bug spray should easily take care of that. Though do-able, it’s somewhat treacherous, slow-going and simply not at all fun. At mile 20.6 is Elk Cove and the junction with the Elk Cove Trail. NOT THE LOOP. The campsites are along the Elk Cove Trail, so after crossing the creek we turned down there and started looking. Parking is limited and larger vehicles may have difficulty turning around. About a half mile from your destination, you must cross Coe Creek. This may be true but I don't suggest doing it counter clockwise as I did. 08-01-20 This is one of the easiest graded spur trails on Wy’east. We only saw two sites and one was taken, so we took the other. Just follow the road at the end. Lots of delicious huckleberries right along the trail. Cross and recross what is now a shallow draw, passing another campsite, and pass into a stand of unburned mountain hemlock. Coming down Pinnacle Ridge was fine but - as mentioned in other posts - muddy in spots, exposed, and steeper & more overgrown vs Elk Cove Trail. Get another open view of Mount Hood before dropping to a saddle and then rising again. season, the flowers don't get much better anywhere than on this hike to Elk Cove. Sights to See. The Pinnacle stands out on Pinnacle Ridge, across the valley of Pinnacle Creek. Follow this rough road another mile and the trail begins at a bend in the road. Drive this route for another two miles until making a right at Clear Creek Road in the town of Parkdale. The Elk Cove Trail #631 is the longest approach trail to the Timberline Trail on the north side of Mount Hood. It is a popular backpacking area along the Timberline Trail. Look for the rock cairn to go up the trail (it’s about 1.5 miles on the old logging road and then a switchback to a normal trail). Wildflowers in full force. From the creek, the trail follows an old watercourse, or dry gully, and passes a campsite. At the traffic light, turn right towards Parkdale. Elk Cove Hike If you have ever hiked the 40 mile long Timberline Trail that circumnavigates Mt. This is a moderate one way trail to Elk Cove Camp in Mount Hood National Forest. The shrubs and smaller trees are a bit overgrown onto the trail so i would cover your legs for the hike. See other rides. 631 Sep 27, 2013 6 Mt. Shirley is an active supporter of the Oregon wine industry and has served as a board member for both Oregon Pinot Camp and the Oregon Wine Board Export Committee. The foreground trees refused to move out of the way. The Dollar Lake fire burned a majority of the shade on these north side trails and this one is no exception, so UV protection is absolutely imperative. From Hood River, drive Highway 35 south for 15 miles until reaching the town of Mount Hood. The top of Elk Mountain offers a spectacular view of Chilliwack, Cultus Lake, and the surrounding Fraser Valley area. This spot offers great views of Barret Spur and Mount Hood as well as the Coe Glacier. Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail Map The park brochure is available in a number of different formats, including audio-description and text-only. This is not straight out of the camera; various Aperture controls were invoked. 10.5 miles / 2200 feet. Hood, but The last two ish miles were a scramble over trees with mosquitos. This page has been accessed 73,242 times. Cloud Cap to Elk Cove is a 10.6 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Mount Hood Parkdale, Oregon that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. Trail Log: Elk Cove Hike/Log; Hike type: In and out Distance: 9.3 miles round-trip Elevation gain: 2300 feet High point: 5,475 feet Difficulty: Moderate Seasons: July – November Family Friendly: No Backpackable: Yes—connects to the Timberline Trail Crowded: At Elk Cove on weekends Add-on Hikes: Barrett Spur Add-on Hike; Dollar Lake Add-on Hike That’s five miles. Oregon Hikers Field Guide is built as a collaborative effort by its user community. Day 1. Young noble firs and mountain hemlocks have taken hold here: in 40 years or so, they will form the canopy. Hood via the Elk Cove Trail (#631). The trail is primarily used for hiking, bird watching, and backpacking and is best used from May until October. From the meadows we'll enjoy good views of the Coe Glacier and Barrett Spur. Turn right (west) at an intersection marked for Parkdale. The trail is wide and easy to navigate but the top section is very steep and the loose dirt is … That means there’s little shade, but there are more views (Mount Hood will be in sight for most of the hike), and you’ll be able to observe the recovery process from a severe forest fire. The trail is primarily used for hiking and snowshoeing and is best used from July until October. The forest of white tree skeletons is carpeted with fireweed in an area of intense burn, and then the trail drops for a crossing of Cove Creek, which blooms with monkey flower into September. Subalpine firs and mountain hemlocks form tree islands, and clumps of mountain ash glow with red-orange pomes (berries) in late summer. Elk Cove (21 miles): A well-known, heavily trafficked spot (for good reason—it’s truly so beautiful) for both Timberline Trail hikers and overnight backpackers. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service: National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map: Self-issued wilderness permit; wilderness rules apply. ELK Cove was amazing, can't wait till my next time up when I will do it as an out and back. Trail was good condition until the last .5 mile or so. The flowers at Elk Cove weren’t too shabby either. Elk Cove Trail #631 Area Status: Not Cleared This trail enters the Mount Hood Wilderness on the north side of Mount Hood.

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