Details – 1 decade ago. This dog toilet roll holder is not only cute but very useful too. From a practical standpoint, deny your dog access to any paper products. In the early days we thought giving her the toilet paper roll to play with would be inexpensive, supervised, fun. My dog has eaten like 3/4 of a roll before, and she threw it up. Cut 1cm slits on both sides of the roll. Dogs can eat almost anything. You do not want her to be scared of it or think it’s punishment. We did it so it looked like Wags was sitting down with his feet sticking out in front of his. Some dogs have a tendency to eat things that aren't supposed to be edible. Most dogs under the age of two go through a stage of joyously ripping up all types of paper, including mail, important documents, paper bags, newspapers, and the highly coveted toilet tissue. He is a clever little boy! (I assume he goes up on counters and tables to get his goods.) Unlike the other dog toilet paper holders this one holds up to 8 toilet rolls. This condition, known as pica, makes your pooch crave paper, dirt or other non-food items, possibly because he has a deficiency in his diet. CRW Toilet Paper Holder with Cover Chrome Toilet Tissue Roll Dispenser Bathroom Storage Dust-Proof, Cat-Proof, Dog-Proof 90111 4.3 out of 5 stars 86 $25.99 $ 25 . More than a few dog owners have dogs who seem to have a toilet paper fetish. Or you find yourself repeatedly explaining to various teachers that when your son says the dog ate his homework, he is not lying. Glue the legs onto the bottom of the toilet paper roll. The resulting craft item can be used for a child's toy, for a puppet theater or perhaps you'd like to give it to your cat to play with! Chewing or eating cardboard, especially if it’s only done once in a while, will not harm your dog. Empty toilet paper tubes or paper towel rolls can be stuffed with soft treats. Fill the other side with dog food or dog treats. But eating paper products can carry serious health complications. You leave your dog home alone and come back to find the novel you are reading torn to pieces. Source(s): Dog owner 35+ years. My dog loves toeat it and tear it up. 4. This artistic looking toilet paper holder will help keep your bathroom looking tidier by taking care of all your toilet rolls. Hyperthyroidism or other endocrine disorder can cause your dog to eat paper, such as tissues and toilet paper, or paper towels in addition to regular paper. Why does my dog eat toilet paper? “It can become a compulsion, where they obsessively and compulsively eat paper products,” Sheaffer says. They love to grab the toilet paper in the bathroom and then race around the house with hit, seeing how far they can go. If you find your dog eating tissues or other strange things, it can lead to concerns about dangerous intestinal blockages. Nothing serious unless your dog ate whole tissue roll. Boredom, stress, or anxiety can also send dogs running to shred paper. Used paper goods also hold onto a range of scents and flavors that attract dogs. Thanks for your question. I actually laughed out loud when I read this note since I am currently dealing with a 16-week-old puppy who just recently discovered the roll of toilet paper in our bathroom. Close the door of your toilet. Jason Beans. Or, some dogs will park themselves in the bathroom at the roller and just roll it with their paw, watching it pile up in the floor. Check out the dog butt toilet paper dispenser in action via the video below. Dogs get into paper towels for many reasons; they are mainstays in the trash, might be easily accessible and they can provide entertainment. He will poop it out. Finally, do your best to keep any paper products and cardboard up and out of your dog's way. Not a problem if he doesn't eat too much of it. Toilet paper. If you can figure out why you find your dog eating toilet paper, shredding paper towels, or devouring other paper products and you'll have a leg up on changing the behavior. Oh, and don’t leave a roll of toilet paper on the edge of the counter or something either. My dogs were eating the toilet paper and now we took it of the wall holder and put it up high where they can't reach. But try to keep your dog away from toilet paper. Relax & Take Care!! Safety. Or, if dogs are actually ingesting the paper, it could be a sign of pica, a medical condition that drives animals to eat non-food items (humans can also suffer from pica). This will be inconvenient for you since all napkins and toilet paper will have to be kept behind doors or up higher than he can reach. The short answer is no. keep you toilet paper where your dog won't get it. It will probably pass toilet paper, toilet paper is meant to go down a pipe into a septic tank and its biodegradable so it will probably pass. But while "the dog ate my homework" is one of the most classic examples of stories children come up with to get out of trouble, some dogs do actually eat paper, whether its homework, business reports, cardboard, toilet paper, or paper towels. Enclose the other side. If your dog likes the feel of toilet paper in his mouth, you will likely need to keep all paper products out of his reach such as newspapers, paper towels and paper plates. Chasing a roll of toilet paper, or pulling it directly from the toilet paper holder can be fun and can beat the best dog toys on the market. Over question “is it safe for a dog to eat toilet paper?” If your dog is consuming large amounts of paper products, there is the prospective the might clog up his intestines or choke. Hope she passes the paper with no problem. 99 I didn't realize toilet paper was such a risk to eat. Reduce her into the dog crate, making it a good experience. The dog butt toilet paper roll holder can hold any standard roll of toilet paper, is best used by removing the inside cardboard tube from your toilet paper roll, and measures 5.7 inches x 5.4 inches x 9.6 inches. Most cardboard is non-toxic, so it will not harm your dog; however, if your pup likes to chew and eat cardboard often and in bulk, this could pose potential health issues. Diabetes or High Blood Sugar Diabetes can make your dog hungrier due to his body not being able to produce insulin. If your dog is eating paper, a trip to the vet may be in order to determine the cause. The same goes with shredding apart a box of tissues into hundreds of pieces. You should not punish your dog for their eating issues; instead, you should work with them using commands such as "drop it" or "leave it" each time they pick up paper or cardboard to eat. 0 0. eromarap. A common bad behavior in canines is eating objects such as paper towels. If your dog enjoys grabbing the toilet paper and dragging it around the house (toilet paper unrolling), you can either leave the bathroom door closed or set up a nasty surprise to teach him to keep his paws off. Daily exercise and play keep dogs from chewing inappropriate items in your home. If ingested, it is possible that it could cause a gastric or intestinal obstruction that would have the potential to be life threatening. 5. Let your vet know about Rover’s weird behaviors just to rule out any medical concerns. We frequently receive calls from worried pet parents saying that their dog ate some toilet paper or a paper towel containing irresistible food tidbits. Never an entire roll, just a few pieces. Many dogs are attracted to toilet paper rolls because dogs who love to play tug can tug at them with their mouths (when they're secured to the toilet paper holder). It depends on how much she ate, the sizes of the pieces she ate, and what size she is, but more than likely she will be fine. Answer. It's easy to make and fun too. My dog eats toilet paper & paper napkins all the time!! Once released from the holder, dogs can then chase the roll around, shred it into pieces and some dogs may even manage to eat the paper. There is nothing in most general cardboard that is “toxic” but it is not a good idea for your dog to eat it. Save all the toilet paper rolls you can, they look like trash, but they are really a dogs’ treasure. The head can overlap the tummy piece a bit. 2. A little piece will not harm your dog, trust me! Glue the large rectangular piece around the toilet paper tube. Glue the tummy (oval piece) to the center front of the tube. The very act of holding down a tissue box or toilet roll—and shredding it to mulch—echoes the behavior of a dog in the wild as it picks apart its meal. Glue the head and arms. Thus, please put your toilet paper where your beautiful dog cannot get to it. Draw cut lines on the roll. Video of the Day She's prone to pica If he ate just a small piece it will pass! A very cute dog can be made from an empty toilet paper roll. For example, spread peanut butter or cream cheese along the inside of the cardboard tube. Or you change the toilet paper roll only to find the roll empty — and the paper all over the floor — an hour later. Fold the slits in to enclose the roll on one side. 3.

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