So hängen sie alle zusammen: Stammbaum der Familien in Staffel 1 der Netflix-Serie "Dark" Overview Season 1 - SPOILER WARNING! Claudia’s parents are Egon and Doris, who both seem unhappy in their marriage. Which makes Charlotte’s daughter, Elisabeth a Tannhaus as well. Hannah could only get there by the God Particle or by going to 1921 and waiting about 19 years. So if you’d like the season 1 family tree, you can get it right here. Dark Season 2 Ending, Explained. I guess I’ll dotted line Elisabeth up to Tannhaus. She says, “Because maybe [Helge] wasn’t a child created out of love.” It is implied, although technically not confirmed, that she was raped. I can’t think of any other way to do it. I think this is great. And she claims her husband is dead. She’s usually not very self aware, stirs up drama with the ot, There’s an actual queen on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor, and no, we’re not talking about Victoria Larson. Hahaha. Super helpful even though my brain continues to hurt whenever I think about this show. To say that Elisabeth isn’t a Tannhaus is fascinating. Lots and lots of people are downloading it daily (if only 10% donated!! And you also say “Noah experiments with Noah.” It just organically grew and grew. The real mind-blowing relationship here is that Elisabeth and Charlotte are each other’s mothers. Regina’s mother is Claudia, who went missing in the ‘80s, but is still alive. But be forewarned that it contains spoilers up to the end of Season 7 ** There are a lot of Game of Thrones character charts out there but I find most of them to be pretty overwhelming. It should be spelled Jürgen or Juergen. And she claims her husband is dead. Filming began in July 2019 and concluded by year's end, prior to the coronavirus pandemic.1 All eight episodes premiered on June 27, 2020,2 corresponding to the in-universe date of the Apocalypse. Sic Mundus connections are linked in grey. I don’t really know. We don’t know who Boris/Aleksander’s family is, but this is. Claudia and Doris are alive and well in 1953-54. Required fields are marked *. Why? But I’ve gotten so many requests for my Dark Season 2 Family Tree, that I figured I should just post that first. It's also an intriguing experiment in … Dark Netflix family trees explained. You don’t disagree with the fact that Elisabeth and Noah had a child together, and that that child was Charlotte. I might have mistakenly connected Tronte’s abuse with Agnes. Dark season 2’s ending had another mind-blowing twist that promised another entire world of mysteries. 53 – after 2WW – rebuilding of germany They had Franziska and Elisabeth. Two years later, season 2 expanded the world of Winden, offering new timelines and an even more twisted family tree of characters. She seems to have a bit of a flirtatious vibe with Egon Tiedeman, Ulrich’s nemesis, who had recently considered the idea of having an affair. The new season digs even deeper into the paradoxes Jonas is facing and expands into a parallel world. The only evidence is her claim that her husband was a pastor, but she also claims her husband is dead. hahah. Just bounce out to here, watch season 1 and 2, and then come back and gander my family tree then. But you make good arguments regardless. No definitely denoted) by the legend at the bottom. In 1987, Claudia brings the time machine to Tannhaus, and Egon questions Ulrich again. thanks for your help in clearing this up in my head. Hahah. Charlotte’s mother? So yeah, one final warning, looking closely at this family tree will basically tell you everything you need to know about both season 1 and season 2 of lost. I also started jotting little notes about the characters and their motivators and numerous different convoluted details about them underneath. Here we should note people who are Nielsons by blood, though not necessarily by name, which include Jonas and Noah. Charlotte’s daughters, Franziska and Elisabeth, are second cousins of Ulrich (because they share a great-grandmother, again, Erna), making Franziska and Magnus second cousins once removed. Aleksander: It should be spelled Köhler or Koehler. Greta confides in Noah that Helge and she doesn’t know if Bernd or another man is Helge’s father. Michael: he didn’t accidentally go back in time. There is no blood relation between them. But they had already introduced Agnes as the mother of Tronte so they had to change her parents to keep Tronte in place. There are some of your points that I definitely disagree with. Family Connections In Netflix Dark Season 2 Explained, One Bachelor contestant self-eliminated during the Jan. 18 episode, but the rest of the women are no closer to winning Matt James’ heart. If you need the non-spoiler season 2 starter kit, use this one: In November of 2019, Mikkel gets stuck in 1986, and Ulrich gets stuck in 1953. He told her in 1986, so she has likely forgotten it completely. 2019 – today, Your email address will not be published. Point 4 – Not exactly sure to do with your fourth point. Family Tree is a documentary-style television comedy created by Christopher Guest and Jim Piddock.The series premiered on 12 May 2013, on the American pay television network HBO, and appeared on the British channel BBC Two in July 2013. To just keep scrolling is a crime against humanity. Season 3 is the third and final chapter of the German science fiction thriller Netflix original series Dark. Season 3 of Dark premieres Saturday, June 27 on Netflix. So, deal. But that’s all I got. }); Alright, without further ado… Here is the season 2 Dark Family Tree. Ultimately, Helge ends up trying to kill himself to stop Noah and his dark plans.” And while the season 2 family tree didn’t change massively in structure (no new major families were added, no families removed), there are links and connections now that would have blown my mind back in Season 1 if I had understood where it was going. Clausen is the brother of the real Aleksander Kohler, which was the original reason he came to Winden to lead the task force for the six missing persons cases. Also, you incorrectly state that Elisabeth is one of Noah’s children, when Elisabeth is the child of Charlotte and Peter. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Entertainment Dark Season 3 Family Tree … Dark deals with time travel, which allows characters with necessary knowledge (or bad luck) to travel 33 years into the past or future. Which means he is the “fruit” of the Red Army marching through Germany. Hannah went to 1954 to find Ulrich, telling the police she thought he might be her husband, but after sensing that he still wouldn’t choose her over Katharina, she decided to leave him in the psychiatric facility and start a new life in the '50s. Changes I’ve made to the diagram (I’ll re-publish after I’m finished walking through point by point) to account for this. jQuery(document).ready(function() { The problem is how to denote this relationship in a 2D infographic that is limited by time and space. They’re still traumatized by the disappearance of Ulrich’s little brother, Mads, in 1986. Main points: Erik is the other boy found in 1953, not Mads. Even worse, I’ve got a Dark Family Tree I’m presenting to you today – a family tree that will cover both seasons 1 and season 2 – that took me over 120 hours to create. Right? Please subscribe! She may have showed up in, After (almost) a year-long hiatus, All American is finally back for its third season. But to be sure that I am getting it right – Sequentially, HG Tannhaus exists. Ther, Every season, one of the Bachelor contestants becomes a “villain” early on. Overview Season 1 - NO SPOILER. Regardless, here are the changes I have made: 1. There is little evidence Noah is Tronte’s father. This is definitely one example. But I can talk through those as I go. 3. It is also implied but unconfirmed that Agnes abused Tronte, because she has been shown smoking quite often and the marks on Tronte’s arms are cigarette burns.”. I expect this to be wrong in some spots at first. Archived. So kudos to you. There is no blood relation between them. Which makes Elisabeth, the mother of Charlotte one as well. Lost. And yet, this infographic is being relied upon to be a visual encyclopedia by people watching the show. By comparison to other couples on the show, this is very. Why would she have to tell Noah that Helge might not be her husband’s son if Noah was the father? I have argued this point out on Reddit a bit, and I didn’t realize (not sure why) she was already born at that point. 2. Noah: see points 2 and 3. Get all of's best Movies lists, news, and more. A gut feeling? As Chris Harrison, Unfortunately for Bachelor viewers (and contestants), “Queen” Victoria Larson’s reign isn’t over yet. Robb decides that he must win the allegiance of the fiercely independent ironborn to his cause, and sends his best friend Theon Greyjoy to treat with his father, who is hatching plans of his own. You will disappoint yourself greatly. Tronte’s mother (Ulrich’s grandmother) is Agnes. It would be in both Franziska and Elisabeth’s interest to take Charlotte to the past, in order that Charlotte later married Peter and gives birth to Franziska and Elisabeth. We also know that Charlotte grew up with Tannhaus. Ines’s mother is unknown. The small-town setting of “Dark” keeps the number of the coincidental run-ins with family members and loved ones from other timelines from feeling too contrived. Michael’s storyline is also resolved as we get to know the true reason behind his disappearance and why he decides to kill himself. Helge kidnaps several boys for Noah. He also seems to not remember that he came from 2019, or at least isn’t sure anymore, until Jonas from 2020 shows up. Your guess is as good as mine—wait, no—actually it’s more likely because we know that Elisabeth is in a position where she can take Charlotte away, while we have no clue where Franziska (of any time) is. What’s missing? (Which, let me be frank, conversations about the possibilities is all that I really care about.) Streaming on HBO Max or Own/Rent it Today. View entire discussion ( 15 comments) More posts from the DarK … Noah and Agnes’s mother is Erna, who takes in Jonas when he appears, battered, in 1921. Posted by 11 months ago. I suspect Franziska will be the one to take Charlotte to Tannhaus. Here's our refresher for Season 2 . Available on Digital Now. hahahah. All The identity of Regina’s father is unknown. I can’t even begin to think about how this breaks down from a DNA perspective. At the time Hannah travels back to 1953 to see Ulrich in jail, we have already seen Claudia, Tronte and Helge. In 1953, Noah took an interest in Helge, which makes sense now that we know Noah is related to Charlotte, Franziska, and Elisabeth. I’ve removed the copy under Egon, “Which hints that Hannah and Egon are the mother of Claudia, not Doris and Egon.” And under Doris, I removed the line, “We learn in S2 that Hannah is most likely the mother of claudia as Doris most likely dies before Egon has Claudia in his house.” And added instead, “She strikes up a romantic relationship with Agnes after renting her and her son Tront a room in the Tiedmann’s home. Just don’t do it. Elisabeth: see point 4 Mikkel becomes Michael Kahnwald after following his adoption Ines Kahnwald. Trust me on this. Katharina: the text is messed up, so some sentences appear on top of the previous sentences. Magnus: “took his brother to the cave” might be misinterpreted as taking Mikkel through the caves, when it was Jonas that did that. Ok, you convinced me. Hahahahaha. But I am definitely not going to connect Helge back to Bernd because we know that it most likely isn’t his son. But she has no known motive for doing so.”. No evidence Noah is the father. I think while writing season 2 they realized they could do something more interesting than the original plan by changing Noah's place in the family tree. Meanwhile, Joff… Helge’s parents are Bernd and Greta. Not an excuse, but even spelling is harder in photoshop, so the edits are great. Romantic liaisons are listed in red. Also, I have emphasized a few specific types of relationships as denoted (connoted? Finally finished my family tree for Season 2! Fans could binge all eight episodes in one go. The oldest tree ever discovered is approximately 5,000 years old and the oldest tree from the UK is about 1,000. Otherwise, we don’t know how the Wollers connect to the four big Winden families. And as I marched deeper into season 1, I then began connecting family members, and their various love interests. Season 2 spans several months on a world where the seasons last for years at a time. Liked it? TV Seasons Bob Hearts Abishola: Season 2. The 2019 Tiedeman family consists of Regina, Aleksander, and Bartosz. I don’t see anything wrong with what I can read. Elisabeth is the biological mother of Charlotte, whom Tannhaus adopted, and Tannhaus’s great-granddaughter (but because Charlotte was adopted, not by blood). And then he enlists Helge to his cause. 1953 means helge can be born in 44 / 45. This is great. Netflix Dark Season 2 Family Tree Reveal… I absolutely adore Netflix’s new headjob of a show, Dark.I personally think that in two seasons, the show has blown away bigger and more prestigious shows in this same genre. 21 – after 1WW , jonas taken for POW returning from horrors of russian camp A tree is a tall plant with a trunk and branches made of wood. Ulrich’s parents, Tronte and Jana, are also present in 2019. I hate to have to say this, but there are numerous inaccuracies. Charlotte: she has not learned her mother’s identity. She says, “Because maybe [Helge] wasn’t a child created out of love.” It is implied, although technically not confirmed, that she was raped. It’s impossible to imagine this or either of the other seasons being as potent with any less of a believable family tree. Elisabeth and Elisabeth could be in one entry, but who do you put her as? Mads is killed by Noah and Helge soon after he goes missing, but his body is dumped in 2019. I’m not trying to be hostile, I just want to make you aware of some mistakes. Jonas and Martha erased themselves from existence, creating a ripple effect among their family tree. Greta confides in Noah that Helge and she doesn’t know if Bernd or another man is Helge’s father. Who is who - Overview with family tree of the families in season 1 of the Netflix series "Dark" Nielsen, Kahnwald, Doppler und Tiedemann. It’s mind blowing how much work went into this diagram. I’m not sure your theory on Hannah being the mother of Claudia is correct. I suggest combining this with the younger Elisabeth’s entry. Hannah cannot be Claudia’s mother. Under Greta – “Greta Doppler is the mother of Helge, and is married to Bernd. 4. Tronte: see points 2 and 3. Dark season three came out on Netflix on Saturday, June 27 2020. Why would she have to tell Noah that Helge might not be her husband’s son if Noah was the father? Agnes is the sister of Noah. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. So excited for season 3! I was hopelessly lost when I started watching season 2 just because it was a long time in between seasons but to see the connections is very helpful. Unconfirmed and no evidence that Elisabeth took Charlotte to Tannhaus. So feel free to suggest changes or updates. It’s too big to understand otherwise. If Noah either raped or had an affair with Greta, wouldn’t Greta know that Noah was the man who did that to her? The CW teen drama’s extended absence was affected by Covid-19, but, “I really got choked up about this,” Gina Torres admitted over the phone to Refinery29, a week before her debut on FOX’s emergency responders drama 9, When you’re living in the middle of a pandemic, it’s impossible to not be aware of that fact, and that includes while watching what is usually, We Finally Know What’s Up With Those 5 New, A Few Clues That Victoria Is Going Home Very Soon On, What You Need To Remember From Season 2 Of. It will literally burn your corneas out. Thank you! Really quick- not sure if this has been addressed yet: In Katharina’s bio it says that Michael’s wife is Regina but it should be Hannah. Bernd started the nuclear plant in Winden. Wander Darkly Movie Recommendation and Explanation, Interview with Active Shooter Screenplay Author Toby Osborne, The Machinist: Plot Analysis And Ending Explained, Promising Young Woman Revenge Flick Explained. He took Regina’s last name when they married. Also, Mikkel disappears to 1986, not 1983. However, Season 2 reveals that the characters are, in fact, able to travel through time outside of the 33-year cycle, which will have big implications for Season 3. 3. The rapes by soviet soldats are generational trauma of german woman in 50s. The identity of Claudia’s husband (presumably Regina’s father) is unknown. Bernd: it is possible that he is Helge’s father. There are new connections now, new parents, new children, new complicated paradoxes that could cause an unsuspecting person’s head to explode. 2 Barcelona vs Eibar share Barcelona vs Eibar: Blaugrana Held to 1-1 Draw Without Lionel Messi. So don’t do it. Point 2 – “2. His Dark Materials: Season 2. You seem to consider Elisabeth Tannhaus’s daughter, at least that’s what the placement indicates. There is little evidence Noah is Tronte’s father. Elisabeth might not even know that Charlotte Doppler of 2020 is her daughter. The final episode of the second season of ‘Dark’ resolves many mysteries. Charlotte is, by adoption. Netflix recently released Dark Season 3, and while it answered almost all the questions from Season 2, a show that complex can get confusing. In 1954, a missing Helge returns, but he'll only speak to Noah. There has not been any indication that Elisabeth herself was adopted by Tannhaus. And with that – there you have it, Netflix Dark Season 2 Family Tree Reveal. Thanks for creating this. Or Charlotte’s daughter? Since Adam is an older version of Jonas, he is also related to all the Nielsons. In 1953, Agnes had an affair with Doris Tiedeman, whose daughter, Claudia Tiedeman, later had an affair with Tronte. As revealed over the course of season three, the events we watched in the first two seasons of "Dark" were taking place inside just one of three worlds. Season 2 Dark Critics Consensus. share. No evidence Noah abused Agnes or Tronte. Sure, it’d be possible, but would require another jump and Hannah being way older at the end of that chain. It almost certainly was Elisabeth calling Charlotte her mom, and Charlotte interprets it as Elisabeth calling her Mom. Noah says Elisabeth and Charlotte were taken from him, not that Elisabeth took Charlotte from him. Not sure what I did there. Claudia and Doris are alive and well in 1953-54. This document is too big to be perfect out of the gate. Sometimes Dark doesn’t follow the “likely” way, but you do have a stronger argument. I reconnected Claudia and Doris via a line to Doris. I assume you meant Charlotte. Again thanks for this! So Doris did not die anytime before Claudia was born. Now I’ll go character by character. Elisabeth (the older one): first, see point 4. It discusses the Nielsens, the Dopplers, the Tiedemanns, and every other family of the show. I’m not offended. In some areas, there are a different number of seasons. Season 2 doesn't make things any easier, but we've got some clarity for you. In May 2019, a few weeks ahead of the Season 2 release, Dark showrunner Baran bo Odar announced that a third and final season … Noah and Agnes don’t like each other, but there’s no evidence abuse is the reason. The only evidence is her claim that her husband was a pastor, but she also claims her husband is dead. There has not been any indication that Elisabeth herself was adopted by Tannhaus. Unless someone else stole her away from them both? If you’ve read all the way to here, thank you for reading what I had to say. Noah is Agnes’s brother, though we don’t know his last name. That’, Going into episode 3 of The Bachelor, there were a few questions that needed to be answered: Was Sarah okay after feeling faint at the rose ceremony? Noah visits Charlotte’s daughter Elisabeth, and they conceive … CHARLOTTE, whom they hand to Tannhaus to raise. And so, with that excuse out of the way, I will roll back those assumptions that Noah is Helge’s father, despite how much it pains me! Netflix Dark Season 2 Family Tree Reveal… I absolutely adore Netflix’s new headjob of a show, Dark. In order to get access the full file (all 11,000 pixels wide, and 7,500 pixels high of it) just click the image below: (clicking the image not working – try here as well.). Point 1 – part b – I also removed the line under Hannah, that she might be the mother of Claudia, and instead stated, “It appears she might have abandoned her own time?” Nebulous enough for you? Suggestion. Click to see spoiler. Here's a complete family tree I built based on info from different sources, predominantly official Netflix guide, illustrating all relationships between characters, except a few meaningless ones. It seems very unlikely because Agnes is Noah’s sister. Greta implies in S1 that Bernd is not the father of Helge, and that she very well may have been raped, which resulted in Helge’s birth. I forgot all the relationships and watched the first episode of Season 2. Charlotte’s mother’s identity is revealed, and we finally get to witness the apocalypse. Right? And the Sic Mundus opposition links are connected in green. Yes, Helge eventually fights Noah’s cause, but for a time they are quite close despite the torture. Yasin: Ulrich is suspected of killing Yasin and Erik, not Yasin and Mads. How interesting! Also brend limping suggests he was fighting in 2WW. I actually didn’t intend to share this with everyone when I first created it. Looking forward to your in depth overview to see what I missed. And like my last poster, I’m giving you an opportunity to donate to the work it took (120 hours now) to make this poster possible. Bartosz: he didn’t manipulate Jonas in season 2, and not in season 1 either. On to point two!! The four main parts of a tree are the roots, the trunk, the branches, and the leaves. Need that Season 2 Starter Kit! Elisabeth is the biological mother of Charlotte, whom Tannhaus adopted, and Tannhaus’s great-granddaughter (but because Charlotte was adopted, not by blood). You also misspelled other names a couple of times, besides the names I’ve already mentioned. If Noah either raped or had an affair with Greta, wouldn’t Greta know that Noah was the man who did that to her? (She also claims she isn’t from Winden, yet she’s shown living in Winden in 1921, so she’s not being entirely honest.) Because Noah is Charlotte’s father, and Elisabeth is Charlotte’s daughter, Noah is Elisabeth’s grandfather, as well as Franziska’s.

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