West Bengal is the fourth populous most state of India. The urban population in the last 10 years has increased by 31.87 percent. Royal Bengal tigers’ population in the park has grown to seven following the birth of the three cubs. Siliguri College of Commerce was established at Siliguri in 1962. Bengál vagy Bengália (bengáli: বাংলা Bangla; বঙ্গ Bongo) történelmi, kulturális és földrajzi régió Dél-Ázsiában, az indiai szubkontinensen. Other minority communities include Gorkhas (Nepali), Marwaris and Biharis. Marwari's, Punjabi's, Bihari's, Gorkha's and Bengali's are now the most prominent communities in Siliguri. Forgot account? Siliguri College of Commerce followed in 1962. Tripura is surrounded on all sides by Bangladesh. The state of West Bengal is culturally rich and vibrant. Male and female are 263,702 and 249,562 separately. Cutting off Siliguri (and … Guha P(1), Bhattacharjee S, Chaudhuri TK. (estimated). The icon links to further information about a selected place including its population structure (gender, urbanization, population group, literacy (a7+), activity status (a7+)). These acts of patriotism only fuelled the anti-British struggle, and on 9th September of the same year, five agitators fell to police bullets … In Siliguri, 12% of the population is under six years of age. CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): ABSTRACT Human leukocyte antigen is a highly polymorphic gene cluster which has made it a valuable tool in the population genetic studies. Siliguri has a majority Bengali population. Siliguri, 07th December: The police officials are active since morning to stop the Uttarkanya campaign called by Bharatiya Janata Party's Youth Wing today. Siliguri has seen waves of massive immigration over the years. population in Siliguri has its root in other places. A Bengáli-öböl északi partján, India ÉK-i részén Nyugat-Bengál államot és a független Bangladest foglalja magába. Bengali is the official language spoken by 424,366 of the district population with Nepali declared as co-official only in Darjeeling and Kurseong subdivisions spoken by 856,670 people, while Hindi is the third largest spoken language in the district with 319,100 speakers, other languages constitute 13.38% of the district population as per 2011 census report. Population shares of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe category persons in Siliguri municipal area are 8.84% and 1.25% … East Pakistan was a strategic treasure for checking any Indian adventures in the West. Binary logistic regression was done to find the associated factors of depression using IBM … Bengali is the main language spoken in Bengal. or. As of 2011, Siliguri has been witnessing an economic boom in the organized retail, hospitality and real estate industries due to population growth and its strategic geographical location. Increasing population demanded facilities for higher education. The literacy rate of Siliguri is 85.91 percent with male and female … Siliguri has a population of half a million (around one million for the entire metropolitan area), making it the third-largest city in West Bengal. On 15th August 1942, during a rally, Congress leaders Siumangal Singh and Brojen Basu Roy were arrested. Siliguri is the Bengali majority city, with a notable presence of the Nepali, Bihari, Marwaris, Gujrati, Gorkhas, Rajbonshi and others. Siliguri (West Bengal) Contents: Municipal Corporation. The Siliguri College was established in 1950. Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy Government College was established in 2010 at Siliguri. Rajbangshi's were the original population of the city Siliguri, decreasing day by day in number. Siliguri is a metropolitan city with Marwari, Bengali and Nepali people living peacefully. Create New Account . Art, … Die Hauptstadt Westbengalens ist Kolkata (Kalkutta) im Süden des Bundesstaates. The total figure of population living in urban areas is 29,093,002 of which 14,964,082 are males and while remaining 14,128,920 are females. Diversity of killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor genes in the Bengali population of northern West Bengal, India. Siliguri is famous for its four 'T's i.e. Subsequently in 1981 Siliguri Women’s college, in 1987, Kalipada Ghosh Terai Mahavidyalaya in Bagdogra and in 1998, and 1962, Surya Sen College and North Bengal … Males constitute 51.44% of the population and females 48.55%. The population of all cities and towns in the State of West Bengal by census years. Siliguri Population 2019 –687,118.4. Study of Selected HLA-A and-B Antigens by PCR-SSP Method in Bengali Population of Siliguri and Adjoining Areas of West Bengal Author information: (1)Cellular Immunology Laboratory, Department of Zoology, University of North Bengal, Siliguri, India. Name District Population Census 1991-03-01 Population Census 2001-03-01 Population Census 2011-03-01 ; Siliguri : 216,950: 472,374: 513,264 → Source: Office of the Registrar General and Census … বাংলা পক্ষ - হুগলী জেলা. Siliguri (Bengali: [ˈʃiliguɽi] ... Based on Census data of 2011, the population of Siliguri UA/Metropolitan is 701,489, while the population in the Municipal area is 2,94,546. The tension is palpable in Siliguri with most residents fearing a showdown like the anti-Nepalese outburst on January 7, 1970. Gyan Jyoti College was established in 2005 at Siliguri. Munshi Premchand Mahavidyalaya was established in 2008 at Siliguri. In this study one hundred individuals belonging to Bengali community of Siliguri sub-division of West Bengal were studied for 20 of the HLA-A and B loci. Log In. Siliguri’s cuisine is a veritable mix of various cultures and places. Well you forget- India's most vulnerable point is the Siliguri corridor. Siliguri Mahila Mahabidyalaya was established at Siiguri in 1981. In … With massive developments, the city has grown from a small, sleepy town into one of the most important commercial hubs in north east India. And the indefensible land excuse wears thin. The population of the city is mainly Bengali… In terms of education, total literates are 395,802 with 211,682 literate males and 184,120 are females. 786 were here. The population development of Siliguri as well as related information and services (weather, Wikipedia, Google, images). As per the report published by the Census of India on 31st Mar., 2011, the state of West Bengal has got a total population … Siliguri … Westbengalen (bengalisch: পশ্চিমবঙ্গ, Paścimbaṅga, Pashchimbanga; Englisch: West Bengal) ist ein indischer Bundesstaat mit einer Fläche von 88.752 km² und 91 Millionen Einwohnern (Volkszählung 2011). Siliguri is among the Most important Cities in Bengal and the North East of India. Siliguri is truly a cosmopolitan city where the Marwari, Bengali, Bihari and Nepali people living happily. Bengali, Nepali, Hindi, English, Marwari, Bhojpuri, Assamese, Bodo, Punjabi, Gujrati, and Tibetan languages are spoken by the local people of Siliguri. Beck's depression inventory–II was used as the screening tool. The West Bengal Society reflects the heritage that dates back to several centuries. Population of Siliguri Municipal Corporation City in 2011 was 513,264. বরাক রাজ্য পৃথক চাই , Public & Government Service. The Hindu population of West Bengal is 64,385,546 ,while the Muslim population is 24,654,825, according to the 2011 census. 1138 Darbhanga IND Bihar Population 218391 2402301 NULL 1139 Siliguri Shiliguri from ITS 410 at Colorado State University, Global Campus the commonly spoken languages are Hindi, Marwari, Bengali and Nepali. বাংলা পক্ষ জলপাইগুড়� This figures give a population density of 1003.9/km 2; making it among the most densely populated areas in the world. Not Now. A community-based cross-sectional study was conducted among adult population (≥18 years) of Siliguri subdivision of Darjeeling district, West Bengal. Authorized Mahindra Dealer for their entire range of vehicles for North Bengal territory. See more of শিলিগুড়ি বাংলা পক্ষ Siliguri Bangla Pokkho on Facebook. West Bengal Urban Population 2011 Out of total population of West Bengal, 31.87% people live in urban regions. Name Status Population Census (Cf) 1991-03-01 Population Census (Cf) 2001-03-01 Population Census (Cf) 2011-03-01 Area ; Ālīpur Duār: Aggl: 102,815: 114,035: 126,891 Social Service. And the most commonly spoken languages in Siliguri are Bengali, Hindi, English, Nepali, Marwari, Bhojpuri, Assamese, Punjabi, Gujrati, Tibetan and others. Siliguri has now become an important educational and business center in the region and is the second largest city in West Bengal. Marwaris are a majority followed by Bengalis, Nepali speaking communities. DEMOGRAPHY OF SILIGURI: According to reports of Census India, Siliguri comprised 513,264 in 2011. [citation needed] Siliguri has received waves of immigration over the years, most prominent being the … According to Sailen Debnath, "Siliguri" means a stack of pebbles or stones. Sprawling and boisterous, modern condominiums dominate the landscape on entering the city, … Tourists can pick from cuisines such as Chinese, Bengali, Mughal and South Indian, depending on what one wants to eat. Reportedly, two rallies have been organized-one from Jalpaimore to Uttarkanya and the other from Fulbari to Uttarkanya. Tágabb értelemben az indiai Bihar, Jharkhand, Tripura és Orissa államok egy részét is hozzá The Indian Subcontinent exhibits extensive diversity in its culture, religion, ethnicity and linguistic … Die vorherrschende Sprache des Bundesstaates ist Bengalisch. Related Pages. If a tiny tract of land like Israel can ward off 5 enemies, Bangladesh is still more defensible. “The cubs were born between 4.45 am and 7.20 am. Until the 19th century this region was called as "Shilchaguri" when there was dense Dolka forest coveri In 1931, the Bengali and Marwari businessmen of Siliguri decided not to sell foreign clothes during Durga Puja. Thirty-cluster sampling method was used to identify the study participants. Hence, the Fulbari canal bridge has been barricaded since morning and section 144 has been … Most prominent being the migrants from Bangladesh, Assam, Nepal and Bihar. As per census 2011, literacy rate and sex ratio for Siliguri was 85.91 % and 950 per 1000 males respectively. ; Tea, Transport, Tourism and Timber.

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