By far, Carmilla's deadliest weapon is likely her charisma, as she was capable of staging a coup against Dracula and nearly succeeding in overrunning the castle itself. Jaime Murray Hector and Carmilla get to know one another as he assists her at her forge. 1 Season 1 Episodes. She now resembles a less appealing take on the nude woman riding a giant skull from the games. A headstrong young woman seeks out forbidden knowledge, and a corrupt bishop courts disaster by enraging a legend. Hector and her were already building rapport and sort of bonding towards the end but then she had to put a collar on him and brutally batter him into submission. Castlevania lovers learned that Carmilla used to be the general of Dracula’s hellish army. After allowing his creatures to rape her, Hector comforts Carmilla. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. Then he was taken down by the good guys. Vampire!Hector brings his entire pack of wolves with him everywhere he goes, of course. is the protagonist of Castlevania: Curse of Darkness.He is a former general of Dracula who had decided he had enough of killing and fled. As its name implies, it is a large castle owned by the ambitious and calculative vampire queen, Carmilla.It is an enormous building located in Styria, Austria, which rivals in size and sumptuousness to Dracula's Castle itself. Carmilla predates Bram Stoker's Dracula by 26 years and has been adapted many times for cinema.Carmilla, the title character, appears as a member of Austrian nobility, while in reality she's the lon… Ironically enough, she showcased the same dynamic of character, such as in her abusive relationship with Hector. Also, Isaac meets the Magician, Hector makes … Carmilla has a pathological need to control and dominate her environment. I am releasing a new book! Carmilla is a former general of Lord Dracula's army. Porte-clés, badges, Dorbz, Mopeez, Vinyl et plus ! 1K Views. Over time, Hector falls for Lenore's charms. Alive This was accomplished by using dialogue and manipulation, sowing doubt among everyone and turning several key members of Dracula's allies against him, all while lulling him into the false belief that she would be satiated by following her plan. She rarely engages in any dirty work herself. Vampire This has cost him despair and his dignity. Carmilla is a major villain in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, and a minor villain in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.. She was voiced by Sally Knyvette. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate, Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night/Rondo of Blood, Konami Collector's Series: Castlevania & Contra, Pachislot Akumajō Dracula: Lords of Shadow, Demon Castle Dracula: Curse of Darkness -Prelude to Revenge-, Akumajō Dracula: Akuma no Chi Chi no Akumu, The Devil Castle Dracula: The Battle of Old Castle, The Legend of Satanic Castle: The Vampire Hunters, Worlds of Power 4 - Castlevania II: Simon's Quest. She couldn't begin to understand how Dracula could love a human, or respect Lisa's humanity enough to not turn her into a vampire. Styria, Austria What Lenore presents to her sisters and what she explains to Hector are two different things - while Lenore names them slave rings when talking to her sisters, to Hector, she denies making him her slave, rather she intends for him to be her pet. Meanwhile, Carmilla plots a land grab and Alucard meets some fans. Council of SistersDracula's Army (formerly) Dracula orders Carmilla to work with Hector and Isaac, and she takes profit of it to talk the indecisive Hector into attacking the Belmont Estate and to attack the city of Braila –which is not yet on Dracula's list– with the monsters he forged, planting doubt in his mind about Dracula's sanity. Morana can also easily talk her lesbian lover, Striga into committing to Carmilla's grand plan. Isaac finds a blue eyed monster amongst his hordes and is assured of one thing— Hector lives. 10. Upon learning that Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades and Dracula's son, Alucard, have teamed up to destroy Dracula, Carmilla freaks out, knowing how powerful they are, and insists on taking them out immediately, but the others do not listen. Now he's nothing more than a slave. Witchbottle 25m. When she is being honest, Carmilla treats the intelligent and valuable Hector like an insect. The Council of Sisters consists of four vampire females- Striga, Lenore, Morana, and Carmilla- who rule over Styria. 1. She was turned into a vampire centuries ago by an unknown Vampire Lord, whom she later killed, claiming that he was 'old and cruel' to those around him. Inspired by the classic video game series. Playing through Castlevania games is never easy, and thanks to Camilla it gets harder at every step of the way. Nonetheless, Carmilla is both persistent and opportunistic, and even though her attempted usurpation against Dracula failed and most of her forces were destroyed, she did not admit defeat, only viewing it as a setback. Given the extent of Dracula's power revealed later on in his confrontation with Sypha, Trevor and Alucard, this was unlikely to succeed. Castlevania (animated series) Easter eggs: Carmilla Mask,, Given that the series is initially based on, Carmilla's role as traitor is ironic, since in the games she's one of, Carmilla's costume design is apparently based on. She is also seen wearing a black and crimson red ombre dress, sporting golden shoulder plates and matching heels. She is a scheming and manipulative noblewoman, and former ally and general of Lord Dracula, who seeks to usurp control over the vampires from him and raise them as the world's new dominant species. A brief glimpse of an AU in which Carmilla does a passable imitation of kindness at the end of s2 and Hector goes to Styria of his own free will. So we can have something lighthearted for this pairing even though canon Really Be Like That.). Isaac gets some unexpected help in his search for Hector. Hector needs help figuring out if Carmilla has been flirting with him or not. Carmilla is an 1872 Gothic novella by Irish author Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu and one of the early works of vampire fiction, predating Bram Stoker's Dracula (1897) by 26 years. Alongside Morana, Striga, and Lenor, she created a new plan. Isaac arrives at Styria with his army to execute those who betrayed Dracula. Carmilla is a major villainess in Netflix's cartoon adaptation of Castlevania, loosely based off of the character of the same name from the video games.She and Isaac serve as the secondary villains of the second seasons, before becoming the main villains from the third season onwards, albeit in opposed factions. This has cost him despair and his dignity. The perfect Hector Carmilla Castlevania Animated GIF for your conversation. So when he got battered by Carmilla. your own Pins on Pinterest Castlevania: Season 2 (Trailer) Castlevania (Trailer) Castlevania: Season 1 (Recap) Episodes Castlevania ... Lenore opens up to Hector about Carmilla’s plans. Follow. The execution of her vision falls to her sisters or those she manipulates. It was soon revealed that she was not pleased with Dracula's plans of mankind's extinction, mainly because this would leave the entire vampire population without a stable sustenance of blood. Carmilla is portrayed as a femme fatale, both seductive and manipulative. In fact, she kicked Godbrand with enough speed and force to knock him down a staircase and then pin him to ground with her foot. Castlevania: Season 2 (Trailer) Castlevania: Season 1 (Recap) Episodes Castlevania ... Lenore opens up to Hector about Carmilla’s plans. 176 Favourites. Follow. Meanwhile, Carmilla plots a land grab and Alucard meets some fans. Although she does not demonstrate any significant magical acumen beyond personal teleportation through shadows, she was knowledgeable enough of the workings of Castlevania, such that she was correctly able to identify that someone had remotely taken control of it and teleported it elsewhere, and that the structure had resisted the attempt. As Hector is thrown into a game of psychological chess with Lenore, Carmilla plans her invasion of Braila.Meanwhile, Isaac mounts an army to take Styria, his morality changing with each conquest.Will Hector be able to turn the tables on his captors and turn into the hero we knew in the games? 4,470 notes. 9. Uncategorised Carmilla and the War Council react to the return of the Belmonts! She is the former Queen of Vampires, the adopted mother of Laura and the second Lord of Shadow to be fought by Gabriel Belmont. Dracula wanted to avenge his wife. 16 Comments . Night falls on Lindenfeld and all manner of hell breaks loose. Showing just how mean spirited and deranged she really is. Carmilla's Castle is a location in the Castlevania animated series. This positive relationship with her sisters is fully evidenced when Carmilla listens to each of their inputs regarding her plans of conquest in their entirety, without her usual disposition of scorn and short temper, and patiently listens to them as they point out its flaws without snapping at them, showing how much she values their council and advice. Discover more posts about godbrand-castlevania. The story starts in the aftermath of S02 of Castlevania Netflix Series and will be an AU from S03. They first appear in Season 3 of Netflix's Castlevania Series and, in absence of the now-destroyed army that served Dracula in Wallachia, they take over as the main antagonistic faction of the series. In the end, they figure out nothing other than that they're both idiots, and end up flirting with each other instead. i take requests so find me on tumblr under @plutointhestars and ask or message me if there is a certain story/scenario you want me to write. Alucard vs. Castlevania’s will: It’s reminiscent of Inner Dracula from Lords of Shadow 2. Inspired by the comment section of chapter 11 of Canis Minor. Hector (ヘクター, Hekutā?) The show depicts Camilla as the main conspirator against the God of Darkness. Carmilla is a natural leader, charismatic and visionary. Hector is imprisoned by Carmilla and his health condition will force the vampire and human to take a detour. He should've looked for a dead body asap. He mastered the arts of devil alchemy that enabled him to create living creatures … #my gif #my edit #my gif edit #castlevania netflix #carmilla castlevania #castlevania carmilla #castlevania #vampire #rp blog #roleplay #lgbtq #meme #memes #this you? (or just leave a comment in here somewhere). Carmilla was later stated to suffer severe nightmares as a consequence of the abusive behavior from her former master toward her. a-simple-magician. She is voiced by Jaime Murray in the English version of the show. contains angst, fluff, smut, au's, xfemreader, xmalereader and characterxcharacter. Finally, after Dracula is destroyed by the heroes, Hector has had enough of Carmilla and tries to get away, calling her twisted, but she viciously beats him to a pulp and chains him, declaring that he is now her slave and forcing him to forge an army of demons to restore her forces.[2]. Via Film Daily. Species Carmilla/Hector (Castlevania) Hector (Castlevania) Carmilla (Castlevania) Angst; Blood and Violence; Manipulation; Blood and Gore; Memories; Trauma; Blood Drinking; Ambiguous Relationships; Eventual Romance; Explicit Sexual Content; Swearing; Summary. 1. May 10, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by Ismene :). Carmilla has shown to possess a twisted and dark sense of humor with a penchant for violence, as is custom in Vampire culture. The perfect Hector Carmilla Castlevania Animated GIF for your conversation. Carmilla/Hector (Castlevania) (23) Hector (Castlevania)/Reader (21) Include Additional Tags Angst (51) Canon-Typical Violence (49) Hurt/Comfort (39) Fluff (37) Romance (34) Blood Drinking (33) Alternate Universe - Modern Setting (32) Alternate Universe (25) Slow Burn (23) Minus her backstory and her initial anti man rant to Dracula. Carmilla arrives late to Dracula's war council, announcing that the demon forces were defeated in the city of Gresit, and openly defies Dracula by asking why he did not turn his wife Lisa into a vampire, which would have kept her away from the fanatical church officials who burned her at the stake, thoroughly unable to fathom that he could genuinely love her instead of using her as a sex slave. During their time alone together, Hector's past will be … Carmilla’s relationship with her sisters showed how complex the character was and that she was able to work together with others. Afterwards, Carmilla turns on Hector, explaining he is now implicated in her impending betrayal of Dracula and cannot turn back on her plan now. 7 Carmilla Was Never A Devious Traitor In The Games. His behavior had gotten out of line, and if Lenore wasn't going to properly discipline him, Carmilla would take things into her own hands. As a child, he discovered an ability to reanimate dead animals, which he tried to keep as pets. At the Belmont library, Sypha discovers an unfinished locking spell that could be used to trap the castle in one place. 239 notes. 9. Trevor, Sypha and Grant vs. Carmilla: The would-be queen (and her sisters if they remain, though I doubt it) has been mutated and enslaved by the castle. Dracula is dead, the human and vampire races are saved from extinction... Hector and Carmilla have sex to celebrate the occasion. Hello everybody and welcome to today's topic of choice. During the days between their travel from Brailla to Styria, Hector will live a turbulent time, the interaction with the vampire shifting from almost friendly moments to episodes of pure horror. It was soon revealed that she was not pleased with Dracula's plans of mankind's extinction, mainly because this would leave the entire vampire population without a stable sustenance of blood. It was later revealed that Carmilla trusts them enough to willingly allow them to know several personal issues regarding her, such as both Morana and Striga being aware of her recurring nightmares and her traumatic memories of the time she lived under her former vampire master, who subsequently became abusive toward her in his old age, leaving her with deep psychological scars. Carmilla listened to Lenor and let her seduce Hector who eventually gave magical rings to all of them. Going against Carmilla, Lenore then gives Hector clothes and moves him to a candle-lit cell with a desk and a blanket. myscalesofjustice. Location Castlevania. #castlevania #hector castlevania #godbrand #godbrand castlevania #castlevania netflix #netflix castlevania #*tv #*gifs. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. Hector is imprisoned by Carmilla and his health condition will force the vampire and human to take a detour. The game also implies that Carmilla was already established as a Vampire Lady even before Dracula started to wage war against mankind for the death of his wife Lisa, and started serving him a while later. The last surviving member of a disgraced clan fights to save Eastern Europe from Dracula. Feeling unnaturally frisky after gorging herself on human blood, Carmilla sets her sights on Hector... who says yes even though he'd rather say no.

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