The fire is bad for you, friend! Here, he jumps at you rather quickly, leaving you little room for error, and little time to think. The blue ropes automatically draw you upwards when you grab onto them. The enemies on this stage are all run-of-the-mill... a few of the bouncing enemies, some of those small blue enemies, a few birds, any many, many Hornets. Since they move quick and are rarely on the ground, carefully time your attacks so you can jump on top of them and kill them for the brief time they are on the ground, clearing you to advance further in the level. But if you look to your left, you'll see one of those small birds to your left, jumping up and down and shooting rocks. There is also a statue of what appears to be a Kong of some sort, and 3 islands floating in its midst. The blue ropes slide the Kongs up and the purple ones slide them down. By holding on blue ropes, the heroes will automatically ascend, and on red ropes, they will descend. Be weary of these barrels, as if you jump into them, you will be killed. These rotate and are bigger, hence harder to avoid. He's near the end of the stage in a slightly-hidden leftward alcove. Your only source of light here comes from the bird constantly flying behind you with some light for you. This time, shoot your way down to a secret barrel that will take you to the end of the level. The N might be the hardest of all to get - it's located next to the second Bonus Area's Bonus Barrel on this stage - to get to it, you can read the Bonus Areas section of the guide. Torchlight Trouble marks Squawk's only appearance in Donkey Kong Country. Since the ropes on this level automatically bring you up or down (depending on the rope's color) the Hornets strategically place themselves at the top or bottom of these ropes. Jungle Hijinxs: More golden ostriches This level can be difficult because it's full of so many ropes you have to climb. Artwork of the stage Croctopus Chase from the SNES version. To view a specific section, see the list below, or scroll down to read more - including non-level areas like save points. Neckys and Zingersare the main enemies of the level. Crankey Kong Hates the new technology thats being used in video games these days. Other than the spikes and actually running into you, he has no way of actually damaging you. Slipslide Ride is the second level in Gorilla Glacier in Donkey Kong Country.It comes after Snow Barrel Blast and Ice Age Alley (Croctopus Chase in the Game Boy Advance version) comes after it.. The first stage is mostly about timing. A great majority of this stage is made up of large gaps with barrels and Launch Barrels over them. Ice Age Alley is a continuation of a snowstorm that started in Snow Barrel Blast; the weather effect works in reverse, as the snowstorm slowly clears up until finally stopping at the end. The boss here is Really Gnawty, who is a harder version of Very Gnawty. DKC Speed Run: Gorilla Glacier - Level #20 - Snow Barrel Blast with shortcut: 1 minute.Phew! This level is exclusively underwater, the third of its kind in the game. 2. The Kongs can climb in the opposite direction of the rope to better control their movements and avoid hitting a Zinger. There seems to be a wall in between you and the Buddy Barrel, but the wall is actually a fake. There's an Animal Token that you can grab on this level. It's not completely blacked out, but it's dark. Be careful at the end of the stage. 3. This game later received three sequels; Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! Or, you can just read onward here. They're all easy to come by. Within you'll find a Red Balloon and a crate which holds this fish. It's better, as always, to be safe than sorry. Stage swapped with Torchlight Trouble in the Game Boy Advance version. This well make him recoil back to the side of the screen, where some spikes from the top of the screen will fall down. Gorilla Glacier is the fourth world of Donkey Kong Island in Donkey Kong Country. Donkey Kong Country is a neat platformer game made by rare, released in 1994. While some of the earlier rope jumps might be over solid ground to help you if you mess up, the latter ones will be over huge gaps and chasms, leaving no room for error. This snowy wasteland contains many stages, including a frozen river and an extremely dark cave. These factories do not adhere to the strict safety codes, and are full of burning oil drums, faulty lighting and perilous platforms. Rope Bridge Rumble is the last treehouse stage of Donkey Kong Country, and the last regular stage of Gorilla Glacier (in the SNES version). Hence, achieving the KONG sequence will be simple for you indeed. The O is located right before the Continue Barrel. Feel free to stop here and talk to Cranky for some information and gossip, if you'd like. Snow Barrel Blast has many barrel cannons, the main method of transportation. When in the level, walk along until you find a kind of pointy object or a ... Cheats. Stage swapped with Rope Bridge Rumble in the Game Boy Advance version. Beware of Neckies and Kritters. Bounce on top of him and grab the … You'll also want to be careful of the Hornets moving patterns around certain ropes. They're just strategically located throughout the stage (here more than ever) to make your life a living hell. You have to keep moving to avoid these annoying foes. Gorilla Glacier: Secret transporter. Needs more Gorilla Glacier. Candy Kong She'll save your game. Additionally, near the end of the level, there's a barrel flanked by two Hornets. There are many ice caves and deep ravines featured in the world, including a treetop village. K - Easily found over a gap early in the stage. It's relatively linear and straight-forward, there's just a few challenges you have to contend with. The enemies here are all things we've fought before, thankfully, so you should know what to expect somewhat. From there go to the second level,(Slipslide Ride). "The Kremling's crowning industrial achievements are the huge factories they built in Donkey Kong Country. The G in KONG is easy to find, so no worries there. There are 3 stages. The movie takes place on the island of Kongo Bongo, where the Kongs and the wildlife live without problems, until one night, when Donkey Kong put his nephew, Diddy Kong, in charge of guarding his prized Banana Hoard while he sleeps. What do I mean? Make sure to really pay attention to what you're doing, the ice and snow makes things very difficult here, and you will be sliding all over the place. While the original Gnawty used small jumps to hop along the battleground, his more fearsome counterpart takes the opportunity to leap into the air several times after getting pounced upon. There are many of them for each section of the stage. Enemies that the Kongs encounter include: Kritters, Klaptraps, M… Donkey Kong is a series of video games featuring the adventures of a gorilla character called Donkey Kong, conceived by Shigeru Miyamoto in 1981. Because bananas are fuckin' great. You have to run into it (as it's over a gap) and quickly jump and pull out before it engulfs you. In most stages, there is a 3D effect on the snow, and in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System version, dynamic backgrounds. It is located at the top of island. Unfortunately, there are no Bonus Areas on this level. Many of the barrels and Launch Barrels, as well, are guarded by Hornets, some stationary, some flying around in patterns. The O is located in the second of the three Bonus Areas on the stage however (in the order which you should come across them), and the only way to get the O is by going to that Bonus Area and nabbing it. These Croctopuses greet you early in the stage, giving chase. The KONG letters can be hard to find here. Go to the first stage in Kongo Jungle and enter Jungle Hijinks. The Hornets on the stage basically serve one purpose - to make jumping on the various embedded tires on the stage as hard to do as humanly possible. To your left over a gap (which you can't see, so you want to make sure you jump to your left far enough) is not only the letter K in KONG, but a crate holding the bird which allows you to fly throughout the stage. The KONG letters, with the exception of the G, are easy to come by. The farther the Kongs travel in the stage, the more a severe snowstorm develops, making it almost impossible to see. You can usually avoid them by pressing up against the top wall as you're swimming and allowing them to simply swim underneath you. To add to the challeng… There comes a point in the stage where you're shot from a pair of Launch Barrels downward to some more Launch Barrels. Due to the the snow effects and barrel cannons, the effects were toned down during development to make the stage easier to play. As there were fire barrels in the beginning of the level, there are spike wheels at the second half of the level. When it's safe, jump on him to kill him and you'll be near a Buddy Barrel. Stay in- front of him while he jumps up the hill. Go leftward from here and you'll find the O in KONG. The Kongs are not affected by the freezing temperatures, just like the other Gorilla Glacier levels. If you use this floating platform and the embedded tire on it, you can collect many Bananas above you by jumping into them to grab them. This page contains IGN's guide and walkthrough for the fourth world in Donkey Kong County - Gorilla Glacier, and all levels included, as well as the boss fight.. To view a … It's easy to lose your balance and fall into the gap below, so be weary!

. That, of course, is a good thing. You can go here (optionally) to fish and win prizes by fishing with Funky and doing what he asks of you. There are things you might miss, like KONG letters, Bananas or Bonus Areas that you aren't shining in the light. You should be able to run into the K, N and G without much trouble. There are two Bonus Areas on this stage, both of which you can learn more about by viewing the Bonus Areas section of the guide. For Donkey Kong Country on the Super Nintendo, Speed Guide by Iron Knuckle. You have to take a series of moving tire platforms to get to the exit of the stage, but it's incredibly hard to keep your balance on them since, even when not jumping, you're constantly bumping up and down on them. There's an area right after the Continue Barrel where you come to a platform above a lower-down platform with a Steel Keg on it. When this is the case, carefully time their movements and be weary not to run into them whilst airborne or on a tire. Make sure to take advantage of the little floating tire area above a bridge about midway through the stage. Donkey Kong Country series. Winky the Frog can be found early in the stage in a secret Bonus Room by falling in the middle of the first pit in the stage. The stage seems short, the gaps and chasms crossable, and, aside from getting the KONG letters, an easy venture. Gorilla Glacier is the fourth world of Donkey Kong Island in Donkey Kong Country. With that said, make sure to kill them all, because they walk patterns, and if you ignore them and jump over them, there's always that chance that they'll walk into you from behind if you aren't careful. It's of normal length, and just slightly more difficult than normal. At the top of the rope is the G. This stage has three easy-to-find Bonus Areas, and you can see the Bonus Areas section of the guide for more information on those. The level takes place in an icy cavern where Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong must climb slippery ropes that forcefully slide them either up or down. This especially gets tough when you have to jump pairs, trios, et cetera of ropes and have to keep moving and jumping in order to miss the Hornets. The Kongs can turn left, and find a hidden area with an animal crate containing Expresso, as well as the "K" of the K-O-N-G Letters. This page contains IGN's guide and walkthrough for the fourth world in Donkey Kong County - Gorilla Glacier, and all levels included, as well as the boss fight. However, Squawks the Parrot helps the player along the way with a torchlight in his talons. If you choose to, you can stop here and dance for prizes.

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